Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playin' Hooky!

Mike was snoring like a buzz saw last night, keeping me awake until after 11:00. Bear in mind, I usually turn into a pumpkin around 9:30. So I finally decided that I was wide awake and that fact wasn't going to change anytime soon, so I got up and took a sleep aid.

I was rummy this morning, but I figured I could probably manage. Then Mike called. He got half way to work and realized that he'd forgotten his badge, so he was going to have to turn around and come home. He was almost back and decided "To heck with it" ad called in to say he was staying home today. He called me and said "You should stay home too." WHY NOT??!? So I called in.

When Mike got home, he followed me around while I fed the horses and kept asking "What are we going to do today?" Since we didn't "plan" this, I really didn't know. As I was standing outside while the dogs went potty, it came to me...

We've been talking about getting a load sand to fill the stalls. So that's what we're doing! My dad is going to hook up his little trailer, get the sand, then run it over and drop it off for us (WHAT A GREAT DAD!!)

So in an hour, after the horses are mostly done eating, I'll turn them out on pasture, strip the stalls (a couple of them are kind of yucky already), then I'll put in the clean sand, smooth it then wet it down. We'll sweep the mats and when we're done, the stall will be "perfect", waiting for the dumb girls to poop in there tonight! (sigh)

But I'll feel better.


Last night, I was brushing the little dude before I put on his "borrowed" blanket. He'd laid down during the day and had dried poop on one side. I was giving him a tubby scratch and found a bump (about the size of a Milk Dud - you remember those) about 3 inches forward from his sheath, in the hairless patch down there. It felt like a bite or a sting, and was really itchy, so I scratched it for him. He totally loves being brushed and especially like having his belly scratched. He is such a lovey boy!

When closing the front of the blanket, he puts his head down, sort of bobbing. The other blanket without the front closure, slides back and "hooks" on his withers, binding his chest. I think with this other blanket, he checking to make sure it's not going to bug him. So funny! He's getting a decent winter coat, though the hair on his back isn't completely grown in, and certainly not enough to protect him from rain or snow. His belly, on the other hand, is going to be quite toasty this winter. It has an amazing amount of fuzz!

Update!!!! Isn't the arrow pointing to his belly button?! Finger pointing to the milk-dud?!?

One last note, sometimes we get caught up in our work, chores, and life. We muddle our way through and collapse into bed each night, exhausted, wanting only to sleep and recharge for the next busy day.

You know that friend or loved one that you've been thinking about a lot lately and just haven't gotten around to calling? STOP what you are doing and CALL them! They can be taken from you in the blink of an eye and you won't get a second chance.


Thanks and God Bless!


Katharine Swan said...

This may be a dumb question, but that bump -- that wasn't by chance his belly button, was it? :o)

Karen V said...

Katharine - I don't think so... it was too far back. The bunch just inches in front of his sheath. could have been. I was trying to bend over and look on a very full stomach, so I gave up on the "looking" part.

When I can bend over without barfing (cuz of course I just had lunch) I'll take another gander and see if it was or not.

Wouldn't be the first time I realized that I'm a dork! LOL!

Katharine Swan said...

Karen, my picture is a closeup and I deliberately cropped out the X-rated parts, so I think the belly button may be closer to the sheath than the picture suggests. And don't forget, we have little horses, so the distance may be smaller than on a larger horse! :o)

But "like a milk dud" is a pretty accurate description of Panama's belly button, so it's worth checking out again. :o)

Nikker said...

Hmmm...could he have a mole? My little cow pony has a mole on her chest...its pretty big, I'd say as big as a rasinette standing on end. Its black, but the vet said moles come in other colors and not to be surprised if I found another one on her. Just note it and keep an eye on it!
Now that the "hitchings" over, I have a little "help" coming Beau's way for a blanket...
Glad you got a "catch up" day!

Karen V said...

Nikker - "hitchings" Did you and Chad get married?

Katharine Swan said...

Oh look, a photo! :o)

Sadly I can see why my picture was confusing. You really lose all perspective of where everything is when you get a closeup like that with all the critical parts cropped out. :::sigh::: My first impression was that the arrow was too far away to be his belly button, but then again the milk dud is really quite close, so I think you must be right.

Nikker said...

Yepperdoodle!! He's trying to make me an honest women...hahaa!! Good luck with that dude!! Check out my blog...I posted some pictures. Mailing Beau something tomorrow...ran out of stamps...ooops! ( ;

Kahurangi said...

Around 4 - 6 inches (maybe less) forward of his sheath? If so, that's his belly button all right :-) It's further back than people often expect.

I currently have two with minor umbilical hernias (a five year old mare and her 2 year old son), so I can confirm that that's the position.

And yes, chances are he'll looooove to have it skritched - and maybe also right up into his groin, beside his sheath as well (if he lifts his leg, be careful, but it's just as likely he's giving you better access, not threatening to kick - watch his face and ears).

Claire Vale
Kahurangi Equine Rescue
New Zealand