Saturday, October 17, 2009

News about legal action - it's not good.

My husband and I have been trying for weeks to make contact with the Sheriff's Deputy who responded to the initial complaints about Beau. It's been my feeling that that he has been ignoring us, hoping we'd go away.

But persistence finally paid off and we made contact. We asked him to come see Beau, see his improvement, and decide that Beau's condition was totally preventable and pursue charges.

He said that he would review his notes on the case, speak with the Prosecuting Attorney, then call us back.

He called Friday afternoon. He will close the complaint. There will be no charges.

*take a deep breath and stay with me here...*

(1) When the officer responded to the first complaint, he wrote in his notes that he would give the asshole owner three "re-checks" to do something about Beau - either prove that he was being fed and improving, find him another home, or put him down. The 2nd check was on August 17. Beau came to my house on August 20.

(2) While the officer was concerned about Beau's health and condition, my "evidence" that it was all completely preventable and he has regained weight, has worked against me. "See? He's all better! Good job!"

(3) The Prosecuting Attorney has a lot of cases, and most of them are worst that Beau's, it costs a lot of money to prosecute, the horse didn't die and is "better", so they are going to concentrate on THOSE cases.

So what's next? I'm formulating a plan that involves pictures, naming names, and the media.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap & WTHeck!!! I'm just dumbfounded!!! I guess animals have to DIE in order to get crap done. I'm so sorry Karen that you had to get that for an answer - again just totally dumbfounded!!

Get to the media with ALL you have - names & addresses of the former owner and of the Sheriff deputy who drug his feet the whole damn time only to give you that lame ass answer. Mostly to show what kinds of idiots you have working at your Sheriff's office!!!

I'm going on and on here but anger was my first response..give me a while to calm down.

After all YOU have done and are continuing to do for Beau and you get a bull shit answer like that..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Karen - YOU are the reason Beau is still alive! You are the reason he is thriving now!

Ranting here - I guess I forgot to take my deep breath first!

k.park, lake wales, FL - fighting mad!!!!

Horserider said...

WHAT? They should NOT be able to get away with this.

whisper_the_wind said...

While I totally agree that what happened was wrong and sends a message that abusive/neglectful behavior will be tolerated, look at the bright side.

Beau is out of a very bad situation, he didn't have to die. You have evidence you can show to the media that shows it isn't that hard to maintain high quality of life for our horses.

Publish the names of those individuals responsible for allowing Beau to get in his former condition, and publish those that refused to care. Then use what you have done to educate others, so it may help prevent this from happening to other animals.

If one horse is helped because someone learns something from what you have accomplished, you are a success.

Beau thanks you, and all of the others that will be saved by this thank you.

Five of mine are rescues, none of their previous owners were even contacted...If you are like me, you do it out of love, not vengence.


Katharine Swan said...

Karen, I think naming names and going to the media is a great idea. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of naming names to the media as that is your ONLY hope of getting the message out that its not ok to abuse anumals....cant tell you how many times I.v tried to work with different "humane' agencys only to have nothing done until the media got involved
I agree with the people that have said the only reward your ever going to get is the look in that little guys eyes as he says Thank you every day for his life...

Karen V said...

k.park - ROFLMAO! Sorry...have to laugh! My response was pretty much the same as yours, only rated R.

I didn't post right away on purpose... I had time to breathe.

It STILL pisses me off though.

luvredponies said...

Just please tell us that the previous owner is not going to get the old guy back! He is yours now, right?!

Karen V said...

Beau will NEVER EVER go back to the former owner! He is ours!

I feel like he belongs to all of us! He has so many fans! He's the most popular unknown horse I know!

Horse Filled Days said...

It amazes me that some people have the mentality "well, since he didn't die, everything is OK." Especially when it is law enforcement that is supposed to protect people AND animals! If the world doesn't see that this scumbag has to pay for what he did to Beau, then the abuse and neglect of horses will never end. It just really infuriates me to no end, that people like this get away with their crimes, and never have to suffer the consequences!!!

> OK.... rant over >

Caroline said...

Ugh, that is truly disappointing, and while it makes me angry enough to call the guys from rescue ink... I hope you can use this as an opportunity to educate.

The positive is You turned Beau around in two weeks showing that A. Old does not equal skinny and in poor health. B. That Beau's poor condition was totally preventable. No doubt he would surely have been dead by now if you had not intervened.

Maryland horse folks got together and came up with a "basic horse needs" list (think about that for a second,=) ) so that authorities could have a point of reference to check if the horses basic needs are being fulfilled.
Perhaps if you got the media involved they could encourage folks across the country to do the same? I realize that wont help with every case but if there was a "foolproof" unified description of what basic needs are that animal welfare officers could check... Even someone who knows nothing about horses could look at the list and say hey they aren't supposed to have slipper feet, or it isn't normal for them to have a square back end...
I hope this makes sense, writing while angry is not easy for me. I wish you and Beau the best.


Drillrider said...

I totally understand your frustration. Here is a friend's blog regarding my former horses, Tucker and Blue. I had to rescue them "from" an equine rescue!

When I contacted authorities, they indicated it was a case of "he said, she said", even though I had photographic evidence??? WHAT???

I would totally do the media route, name names. Peer pressure is a powerful tool even if legal charges are never filed their friends, relatives and neighbors will know they starved poor Beau nearly to DEATH!!!!

Drillrider said...

P.S. Tucker is still with me, doing fantastic (he was ridden by a neighbor girl on a 2-hour trail ride over the weekend) and will be until his dying breath. Blue found an AWESOME home and is doted on by an 8-year old girl.

Anonymous said...

I kinda felt like that cartoon kitten all fluffed out hissing and spitting after I wrote that note. Fighting mad but couldn't hurt a flea. Glad it made you laugh! :) I only ask one favor...Please don't send it to the "emails from crazy people" blog LOLOLOLOL :P

Karen what can we do to support you? Yes I am 4-5000 miles away but is there anything we can do to help??

Just let me/us know!!!
k.park - lk wales, fl

Karen V said...

I've got $150 stashed for Beau's vet bill. I at least $250 for his x-rays on his feet and I expect the bill for his teeth to be at LEAST that much, but realistically, it'll probably be closer to $350. His feet are the main concern right now...he's doing fine on the pellets...