Saturday, October 17, 2009

HAPPY SATURDAY! Random ramblings and such...

This morning I noticed that Beau is still, somehow, pulling tail hairs into his butt when he poops. My daughter had recently found a tail bag in her pig pen, er, room, so I braided the whole tail and put it in the bag. Then I gave Beau a good brushing.

The scurf/schmag yucky stuff is mostly gone on his back, with the exception of a place about the size of my foot, higher up on his neck. I used the rubber nubby thingy (yes, that's really what it's called) to loosen the flakes and brush it out.

You know how horses do reciprocal grooming on each other? Beau was grooming the heck out of the stall wall!

It's warmed up a lot from last weekends' cold snap. Only 50 overnight, though we are due for rain again this afternoon. Well, 60% chance, so maybe it'll pass us by.

Have you ever had a horse that doesn't put on a winter coat? I've got 8 horses here at the house. All but one has on their winter jammies. Little Squirrelly Girl has some guard hairs, but she is definitely NOT fuzzed up enough for winter. She is way behind the others. I didn't notice this as a problem last year. Anyway... just curious.

Yesterday, I put the babies out in the arena and move Jinx and Jazzy to the barn. I noticed that Bullwinkle has loose stool, so I decided to switch Jazzy and Bullwinkle. So I took Jazzy out to the arena, figuring I'd take her in, catch Bullwinkle, and be done, right?? WRONG!

Jazzy, for whatever reason, DOES NOT like Bullwinkle! They sniffed noses over the gate, then Jazzy pinned her ears and charge through the gate at Bullwinkle. It really surprised me. She has shown crankiness toward other horses, but not like that! Anyway, I ended up getting Bullwinkle out, leaving Jazzy and Millie in the arena.

I'm going to switch out Honey with Jazzy either today or tomorrow. Honey is a kind, yet stern herdmate. She won't take crap off the babies, but she won't be excessively nasty to them either. My main concern about that is there is a 2 yr old, recently gelding colt coming, and he's going to be out in the arena with Millie and Honey through the winter.


Katharine Swan said...

Regarding horses not getting fuzzy for the winter -- I'm noticing a problem with it here too. I think in many places right now it just got cold too quickly, and they haven't had a chance to get properly fuzzed up.

Kaylyn said...

Winter coats have never really been a problem with my mare. She's actually one of the first to get her coat in.

I'll come in one day, she'll be fuzzy, and I will proceed to bemoan the impending death of warm weather while everyone else is going "What the heck!?"

She starts getting her winter coat in about a month before the cold weather actually comes, give or take a week or so.

But, it's the same way for shedding out. She'll start shedding out while it's still cold enough for jackets and sweat pants. And, once again, I go around exhaulting the coming of spring, and I get looked at like I'm crazy. XD

Anonymous said...

About Squirrelly Girl not hairing up...all I came up with she spending too much time near artifical light? Like is her stall near a light bulb?...might throw her little internal clock off....the other thing I thought of was Thyroid...but lets not go there

Karen V said...

There's a super soft, bug-free yellow night-light on in the barn between her stall and Angel's. Angel is haired up. Squirrel is not. I think Katharine is right...we had two days were over-night temps dropped 20 below the normal temps for the year and she just wasn't "ready" for it. I'll keep an eye on her and if I have to blanket her (which I despise!), I will.