Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And the hits just keep on coming...

Sorry, I have to vent!

I'm leaving on this trip to visit the in-laws this morning. We leave in about two hours. There was a TON of last minute things to do this morning.

Dad's gonna stay here so we washed the sheets and re-made the bed.

There were bills to pay, since they're due while we're gone.

Checks to deposit.

Pack our suitcases, which will probably cost us $20 a piece to put on the plane. (Excess butt!)

Checking everything, last minute, packing, checking again.

And then, I started my period. (Sorry guys, but if you're married, you know...)

I'm afraid to ask, but what next?

Like Joe says, "Be sure to hug your horses."

See you in a week! (Unless I can get on in Virginia and post from there...)


Katharine Swan said...

Have a good -- safe -- trip, and do be sure to let us know what came next. ;o)

Sally said...

Oh good goddddd. And that's about all I can think of...

Alee said...

Okay well I have to vent too about stupid owners.

Today I was driving to my boarding stable and found a pony (about 10 hh) running lose down the road. No one in sight trying to catch him up, people were slowing down or stopping to watch but no one stopped to help until I did. I ended up getting the help of some neighbors to where the horse was running, the owner of a pasture (not the pony's) and myself and over the course of two hours and a lot of running, we finally got him into a pen by using grain. And what do I see? A well fed pony that is obviously foundering or has foundered in the past. His hooves are all ridged, probably more than 10 ridges per hoof as big as the diameter of your pinky finger, bad chips and breaks, horrible angles like the hooves just cracked off in pasture, collapsing in on the front, and his front left heal looked like it had fallen off. You could see is frog just dangling there. It was disgusting.

Just had to share and vent at a place where I know others will feel the horror and anger I felt when I finally got a look at this guy.

Oh and his has to be at least two and he has no halter training. He thinks a halter is going to have him for lunch.

Karen V said...

The rest of the day went like this... Almost missed our flight out of Pasco. Almosy missed our connection out of Detroit, we are staying in the 3rd floor guest room. The guest bed attacked my leg in the dark and gave me a HUGE monkey bump on my thigh. Mike had diahrrea TTHE WHOLE WAY! Poor guy! Sister inlaw has no coffee. AND...I forgot tampons.

~Kort said...

Karen, I will pray for you! hehehehe can't help but snicker though...