Friday, October 9, 2009

How 'bout a little roughage?

I had to work today so I sent the hubby off on errands to buy feed. For whatever reason, some fool has been buying up all the timothy grass pellets at the feed store.

I mean, come on! I've got a special needs case here!

So Mike bought the last bag of pellets, and smart guy that he is, he knew it wouldn't be enough to get Beau through until next weekend. He noticed that they had timothy grass CUBES, so he called and asked if that would work.

I thought to myself "Self...would it work? Would he be able to eat them without choking? He could probably "waller and swaller", but he wouldn't be able to "eat" them like the other horses would. But, perhaps, maybe, it would give him some roughage."

So I told Mike to get a bag and we'd try Beau on it and see how it goes. He gobbled the cubes up without choking. So the "going in" part is ok. We'll see about the "coming out" part later.

I'm thinking that while he can eat the cubes, he won't be able to eat them exclusively. I think that it would be good for roughage, and perhaps change, but he'll still have to eat the pellets for his main source of nutrition.

If you're ever in Pasco, PLEASE! Stop by and see him. He is the cutest, sweetest little dude EVER! I just adore this little guy!


Danbala said...

Hah... If it wasn't about 5,400 miles away, I'd love to stop by for a peek!

It looks and seems as if you've done a great restoration job so far, and he has a very sweet look.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL - are you going to show us pics of the "coming out" part?!?!

I also wish I was closer - I'd give the old boy hugs, cuddles and maybe a mushed carrot. ;)

Thank you for the updates!!

Karen Park- Lk Wales,FL

Karen V said...

How about the "after the coming out"? (That would be a pile of crap on the ground)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL you are cracking me up Karen!! Piles it is then - hehehe

k park - lk wales fl

Anonymous said...

I feed the cubes to my tooth challenged mare, but I soak them first. Fifteen minutes makes them much easier for her to eat and they don't come out whole, LOL.