Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello from Virginia!

It's still late summer here. Over night low was 60 degrees. There are low fluffy clouds and sunshine.

I have woke up and attempted to read Joe's post on TBFriends. I forget that I'm three hours ahead of him and he's not even up yet when I get out of bed.

Do you suppose he'd get upset if I called and asked for his morning post?

My daughter says the horses are fine and that they don't miss me. I'm sure they're fine, but they HAVE to miss me...right?


Nikker said...

YES, they do miss you! You're their mom! Keeping my fingers crossed you have a "good" visit! Snowed here yesterday...I felt ill for a while after that!! LOL!! Glad you can post from afar!

Anonymous said...

Joe's Friday post is now up :) A pregnant TB mare by Broad Brush is at his gawd...Broad Brush was one of my all-time favorite TB stallions. Hard to imagine what circumstances have led her to be given up when in foal. Bless Joe for his work & dedication!

Hope you are enjoying your vacation in VA...sounds like lovely weather. I'm sure your horses are wondering where you are & when you'll be home !

Caroline said...

I am sure they miss you terribly!

Sally said...

Of course they miss you! Horses always know when the "boss" is gone.