Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's not a "one shot" thing...

This clearing of sand thing...it doesn't happen in one or two poops. It won't happen in one or two days. It'll take weeks to clear it.

Here is Bullwinkle's bucket test from today. This is only one of 7 piles that I counted. If he's passing this much sand each time, he's passing a LOT of sand!

It's not as much as two days ago, only about 1/8 cup, maybe less.

Below is Frankie's bucket test from tonight. Only 2 or 3 tablespoons.

Below is the Boyz Toy! Initially, Frankie was afraid of it. When he figured out that it held food, he overcame his fear and promptly nosed all the hay out onto the ground. He then proceeded to push the tub around with his nose, thereby discovering that it makes a cool sound! We listened to it all night.

The only benefit is that the quirky neighbor sleeps with her window open, and well, MEOW! I'll leave it at that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Frankie and Bullwinkle -

I love you both. Truly I do! I love you both equally, and yet, differently, and for different reasons. But I have a few requests.

I will feed you every morning and every night. I promise. On the weekend, I will feed you three times a day, so you'll have something to munch on. So PLEASE, don't eat dirt and sand. And PLEASE don't eat your own poop. It's gross! And when you eat sand, it gives you a tummy ache, doesn't it Bullwinkle?

I will give you cool, clean fresh water every night. I will dump your water tubs and remove any sign of algae. So Frankie, if the water is a little warmer that you'd prefer, please don't poop in the tub. I believe that your aim is great, but you don't need to prove it to me. This is also gross!

And once your water tub is gross, please don't kill it. I need it in one piece so that I can clean it and refill it for your use.

Thanks you,

The Feed Bag

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sand Test

Below are the results of Bullwinkle's latest sand test

I figure it's between 1/8 and 1/4 cup of sand.

But the blockage (minute as it was) has passed. He is dropping HUGE piles of poop.

To do a sand test, you need a bucket, preferable white. You put the poop in the bucket, trying not to get any that is touching the ground. (I managed to get 75% of the pile) Then you run water from a hose into the bucket until the water runs clear. You want the water on low pressure so you wash off the solids, but don't wash the sand out.

Sunday update

Both Bullwinkle and Frankie are passing sand. Bullwinkle much more so.

I feed his phsyllium with Strategy before I ever give him hay, so he doesn't have a choice on what to eat. By this morning, he'd eaten everything I gave him last night. And by the time I gave him his breakfast, he'd eaten everything from this morning. I'm keeping his run clean - I want to be able to see his poop output at a glance.

With Frankie, I have to stand an hold the grain tub. He tends to paw at it and flip it with his lip.

For now, all is well. But I'm under the impression that it's because the banamine is still in effect. Once it wears off, he'll be uncomfortable again. At least I have a path forward and am not panicing anymore. And as long as he's pooping, we don't have any impaction problems. I am of the opinion that it would be best to continue with what we are doing for a week, then tube him and get some liquid phsyllium into him. The vet's opinion differs but she's wonderful, takes my calls, and calms my fears.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

...and on it goes.

Bullwinkle is still having problems.

For most of the day, he seemed ok. Better than the night before, but not back to 100%. I've been watching him all day and he seemed to be out of the woods.

Tonight though, he seemed depressed and uncomfortable. I had moved him and Frankie to the run closest to the house and separated them by stringing a tape. I want to make sure that what I put out for Bullwinkle goes into Bullwinkle, not Frankie.

I didn't have any banamine, so I called the vet and ran down to get some paste. I told Mike to watch him and by the time I got back, Mike had him haltered and walking. Bullwinkle had been laying down, with his face in the dirt. Mike, who is not "horsie" at all, said he didn't look good, just didn't look like he feels good.

While we were talking, Bullwinkle shot green water out of his butt. I got my phone and called the vet. She said to go ahead with the banamine and put him back in his stall and not to walk him unless he was rolling and thrashing.

Bullwinkle isn't sweating, just uncomfortable. He was good about taking the banamine, but he wasn't really interested in the phsyllium (or however you spell it), even with a little honey on it. I'd given him some hay, so I picked that up and removed it.

I went out and looked at the puddle and there was sand in it!

My baby is trying to sand colic.

I've already collected poop from Frankie and am doing a bucket test on it. That is where you put the poop in the bucket and put in some water. You make "poop soup", then run water slowing to rinse off the solids, until the water is clear. Then any sand will settle to the bottom of the bucket and you can see if they're passing sand.

I'm guessing that Frankie will also need treated for sand ingestion.

I'll try to keep you updated. Pray for the Little Buddy, than he passes the sand and is feeling better soon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

These horses are going to be the death of me yet!

First Angel. Now Bullwinkle!

What the HECK!!

Last night, Mike and I were spray the property. Mike was in the pasture spray for broad leaf weeds, I was walking the gravel spraying grass.

I happened to look over and see Bullwinkle come out of the stall where he'd just been moved to with Frankie, and just after eating, and lay down. He laid there a minute, then got up, turned around and lay down again, looking around at his belly. Then he laid flat out.

I thought, "Well that is weird."

I kept spraying, checking back every so often. After 30 minutes, he was still doing it. So I called Cathy. She said it sounded like gas colic and to get him moving. So I went out and haltered him, took him to the arena, where he pooped three times, but looked uncomfortable moving at a trot. After 20 minutes, I took him back to the barn where he immediately laid down. He was now sweating and was really uncomfortable.

I called Cathy again, and she said to get some banamine into him. I didn't have any but my quirky neighbor did. So she gave him a shot in the neck (BW didn't even flinch), and I started walking him.

The second time around the house, he dropped a cow pie in the gravel. Hmmm...upset tummy, obviously! 20 yards later, he tried to lay down.

We walked for the next hour and half. He never pooped again, but he did pee.

BW is so snugly he'd have crawled in my lap if I'd let him. He was totally content to just follow me around off the lead rope. Mike took a turn walking him and is now completely in love! He now understands my connection with this colt.

At 8 pm, I called the vet and talked to her about what had gone on. She said to check a couple times in the night and to get some Sand Clear this morning.

So far this morning, he is doing fine. He has wet diarrhea, so my hope is that it'll flush whatever caused it. He'll go on a probiotic this afternoon if things don't firm up.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm still alive...

We just got back from 5 days of vacation, though it doesn't seem like it. A vacation, that is.

I spent most of 6 days and 5 nights doing what other people wanted. I didn't even get my chicken fried rice at Ping Pang Pong, though we did have lunch there. Apparently, they only serve it at dinner.

Mike's family probably thnks I'm a self-centered bitch but COME ON!! I paid a ton of money for my flights and hotel. NOT YOU! So why can't I be a little peeved that I didn't get my way!??!

Oh well, live and learn. I won't do that again.

Anyway, when we left, we had some clover blooming in the pasture. I told Mike when we got back that we'd have to spray for it. That is probably what was trying to founder my horse!

When we got back last night, it looked like it had snowed in the pasture. NO LIE!!! The horses are off pasture, so I called Donna Heinen, who is my "go to" seed gal and one of the coolest chicks I know, and asked her what to do. She said that 2-4-D is now available to the public again. It used to be that you had to be licensed to use it.

So, we will get some this week and spray that yhorse-killing crap out of my pasture!

BUT..tonight, Mike and I mowed the pasture. I have a finish mower that hooks to the tractor for mowing the high spots, but I usually follow after with the riding lawn mower for edging. Mike, in his infinite wisdom, decided to use the self-propelled push mower. I tell ya, the man has brain damage! i ended up taking pity on him and helping. It's now almost 9 pm and I'm starved!

The horses are fine. Angel is right as rain, though I continue to give her the hoof meds for another week. After that, I will have to watch her very closely and limit her pasture time. It is entirely possible that she will never taste fresh grass again.

Anyway, I'm off to shower and eat. Ok, eat, then shower.

p.s. Fat Tuesdays is a WONDERFUL place!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Weekend

Friday -

Farrier came at 9:30, which was good because three needed trimming (Jinx, Jazzy, and Shyanna), but when I went to feed first thing, Angel was NOT right. She was off, limping on the front end. So farrier got there and checked her with a hoof tester - no reaction. AT ALL! There was heat and I thought perhaps there was an abscess, but nothing. So he thought and suggested that perhaps the alfalfa (21% protein) was too hot and she was trying to founder. BUT - her neck wasn't cresty, didn't have a temperature, and none of the other horses exhibited similar signs.

I pulled Angel out, switch her with Jinx (son Angel didn't have to walk so far), stood her a bucket of ice water, then slathered her down with Sore No More Poultice (I put it in the fridge after the first time)

Then we treated it like founder and ran off to get some grass hay. We got two ton - Mike, Mindy Shandi (Mindy's daughter) and I. We were going to get more, but it was hot and we ran out of steam after 2 ton. On the way back, we had the windows down because it was still cool enough (about 75 degrees) that the down window felt good. I heard something hit the window jam next to my head, then felt it on my shoulders. I took off my seat belt and scooted forward to look in the seat...nothing. Of COURSE there was nothing in the seat! It had fallen down the gap in the back of my pants!

It was a honey bee and it stung me! By this time, I was turned around and had JUST refastened my seat belt. So off came the seat belt! I undid my pant and leaning against the back of the seat, lifted my rear end and slid my jeans and panties down to my knees, all the while screaming and clawing frantically at the inside back of my jeans. I was yelling "Where is it?" over and over, and couldn't hear Mindy saying "It's in the seat!" So I plopped down on the seat, and the bee. Luckily for me, it was a one-shot johnie - and was mostly crushed already or I'd have gotten it again in more delicate parts. However, what Mindy said registered almost as soon as my bare butt hit the seat, so I whipped up out of the seat (still going about 35 mph - Mike was driving...and laughing) and I turned so I was standing facing the passenger seat with one hand on the back rest. Sounds fine, right? Well, guess where my big white, bare butt was... Resting on the dashboard giving oncoming cars full view.

Some poor older guy got a big ol' full moon just north of Pasco! I whined and bitched the whole way home. Mike told me to "Cowgirl up". I won't repeat what I told him to do.


We got home and off-loaded the hay, took a shower, and by 7:30 I had a full blown migraine, so I went to bed.


I still had a migraine, so Mike brought me one of my migraine pills to take. I apparently get really stupid when I get migraines because it never occurred to me to take it. I went back to sleep, while Mike, Josh (my son), Mindy, and Aurora went to go get more hay. By 10:00 am, I was feeling better (who'da thunk it) and went out to check on Angel. She was worse. So I made up some Strategy (grain), B-L Solution, and Silver Lining Herbs "Laminae Support" double strength. When she was done, I iced her legs and feet again.

The location of the heat was mostly in front and center. If you took two eggs and put the large ends together, one front the hairline up and the other below it, that's where most of the heat was. As Saturday progressed, the heat got worse and spread. At first it was one front, then the other, then both back feet. I started icing every hour, and feeding the SLH powder every two hours. Double dose.

The hay gang returned and we decided to let the hay sit on the trailer. Everyone was hot and tired. So we ate lunch and farted around, with me leaving every hour to soak, hose, and slather my horse's legs. By Saturday evening, she was 100% better, but still not walking and turning normally. Another thing is that she wasn't pointing either.


At 4:40 am, someone shot me in the eye. I swear they did! I came out of a dead sleep with the most excruciating in my head. I held my eye as I headed for the bathroom. I actually remember taking a migraine pill. I laid back down for 10 minutes, feeling hot, nauseous, and as though my brain was going to explode. I finally woke Mike and told him to take me to the hospital. He got up and off we rushed. 4 miles from home, I told him to pull over. The meds were working. I was feeling better. Take me back home. We went back to bed and I made Mike cuddle because I was now freezing to death. I remember him mumbling something about how he should have just kept going to the hospital, and perhaps he should have, but I felt 100% when I woke up.

Mike had fed the animals and when I asked him about Angel, he said she looked as though she walked normally. I gave her the B-L Solution and the SLH powder anyway, then check her feet. NO HEAT! AT ALL!! NONE! I will continue to feed her this for the next two weeks.

We off loaded the hay, ran over to get more B-L Solution, then came home to wash vehicles, and remove the rest of the rock from in front of the window. We decided that we were hot and were just getting around to quitting and taking showers when my folks showed up to pick up their dog. They'd gone down to Oregon to my cousin's wedding. We'd planned to go but I an so happy I didn't...I'd have returned to a crippled horse!

Dad said it was 92 degrees outside. No wonder we were hot!

Have a great week! (and quit laughing! It's not funny)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Been Busy!

Lots to catch up on today...

The new job is going great! I'm getting used to the hours and it's easier getting out of bed each morning. I think I've got a good handle on it, though there are a few "show me again" things. Betty, the gal that retired, retired on Tuesday, and came back yesterday as a contractor. She's going to be assisting me as I need it, chit-chatting with folks, and consolidating project files. It's only through June 17 and by then I've either got it, or I don't. For the most part, I think I've got it.

I've already asked a few questions that to me seemed maybe a little silly, but apparently they got the boss thinking that maybe there was an issue that hadn't been resolved and has resulted in high level meetings to seek resolution. He mentioned something about "fresh eyes". Several folks have already commented on how I'm on top of things and get things handled right away, as opposed to letting things just sit. I have a MUCH different style than Betty had.

Last weekend was the BRN4D NW Finals. I didn't enter, but my friends did, so I went up to watch and videotape their runs for them.

On Friday, we had scattered thunderstorms. That evening, a very heavy, very wet slow moving storm moved over us and POURED water! There was a solid sheet of water coming off the barn. I had to haul in some fresh fill dirt to create a dam to keep two of my stall from flooding. I could NOT believe the water! It was INSANE!!

Monday was the highlight! My friend, Tara Lawrence, ran a 17.003 and led the race for most of the day. Right at the end, four riders ran faster, but she still had an amazing run!

Then there was the Top 20 Championship. The top 20 fastest times of the weekend (assuming that they entered all 4 days) get a chance to run for $1000 and a trophy saddle. I think that two rider had the same time, so it was the Top 21... not sure. I was out holding the quirky neighbor's horse, as she had entered the race. She ended up running her personal best time of 16.917, but her horse rubbed the barrel over. Still, it was great to see her run such a nice time!

Then Courtney Frazier came in and smoked a 16.691. It was just lovely to watch and we all thought that she had it in the bag! After all, who could beat her? Right?

In comes Nicole Aichele on her horse Biankus French Girl (aka Blondie). This is a really cool story! Nichole is just turned 17 in April and is a Junior in Highschool. Nicole's dad, as a fluke, bid on Blondie at the Hermiston Auction several years ago, thinking to help out the seller and get folks bidding, and ended up buying the horse for $500.

Nicole and Blondie came in and ran a 16.643!!! A NEW WORLD RECORD!!! After her run, the announcer came on and told everyone "Don't touch the eye! Don't touch the barrels!" They had to remeasure the course. They had three people at each measure point, and video'd the process from 5 different perspectives. The new record was confirmed and was submitted on Tuesday!

There was a video up shortly after the race showing the record run, but it was copywrited, so it was brought down. Below is a link to Nicole's run in the same arena in 2008 that is just as beautiful and flawless, and only slightly slower with a 16.751. Definitely worth watching!

Nichole Aichele and Blondie

Here is a video of the world record run if you are interested. The sound is HORRIBLE, so you might want to turn your speakers off!