Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's not a "one shot" thing...

This clearing of sand thing...it doesn't happen in one or two poops. It won't happen in one or two days. It'll take weeks to clear it.

Here is Bullwinkle's bucket test from today. This is only one of 7 piles that I counted. If he's passing this much sand each time, he's passing a LOT of sand!

It's not as much as two days ago, only about 1/8 cup, maybe less.

Below is Frankie's bucket test from tonight. Only 2 or 3 tablespoons.

Below is the Boyz Toy! Initially, Frankie was afraid of it. When he figured out that it held food, he overcame his fear and promptly nosed all the hay out onto the ground. He then proceeded to push the tub around with his nose, thereby discovering that it makes a cool sound! We listened to it all night.

The only benefit is that the quirky neighbor sleeps with her window open, and well, MEOW! I'll leave it at that.


Karla said...

Oh so very true. It's amazing the amount of sand that can accumulate in a horses gut. Some 15 years ago our mare Logan had sand colic and it was either euth or surgery (sure wish I someone had known about the bucket test then, it all could have been avoided) and we opted for surgery. The Dr's removed enough sand to fill one and a half 5 gallon buckets. 7.5 gallons of sand!! The surgery was sucessful and Logan and I were able to get back to our walk jog classes some time after. All our horses are now on a regular regiment of psyllium. I'll be doing the bucket test on a regular basis as well, just to be sure.

Have you given the other ponies the test?

Karen V said...

I have not...but I need to.