Saturday, June 26, 2010

...and on it goes.

Bullwinkle is still having problems.

For most of the day, he seemed ok. Better than the night before, but not back to 100%. I've been watching him all day and he seemed to be out of the woods.

Tonight though, he seemed depressed and uncomfortable. I had moved him and Frankie to the run closest to the house and separated them by stringing a tape. I want to make sure that what I put out for Bullwinkle goes into Bullwinkle, not Frankie.

I didn't have any banamine, so I called the vet and ran down to get some paste. I told Mike to watch him and by the time I got back, Mike had him haltered and walking. Bullwinkle had been laying down, with his face in the dirt. Mike, who is not "horsie" at all, said he didn't look good, just didn't look like he feels good.

While we were talking, Bullwinkle shot green water out of his butt. I got my phone and called the vet. She said to go ahead with the banamine and put him back in his stall and not to walk him unless he was rolling and thrashing.

Bullwinkle isn't sweating, just uncomfortable. He was good about taking the banamine, but he wasn't really interested in the phsyllium (or however you spell it), even with a little honey on it. I'd given him some hay, so I picked that up and removed it.

I went out and looked at the puddle and there was sand in it!

My baby is trying to sand colic.

I've already collected poop from Frankie and am doing a bucket test on it. That is where you put the poop in the bucket and put in some water. You make "poop soup", then run water slowing to rinse off the solids, until the water is clear. Then any sand will settle to the bottom of the bucket and you can see if they're passing sand.

I'm guessing that Frankie will also need treated for sand ingestion.

I'll try to keep you updated. Pray for the Little Buddy, than he passes the sand and is feeling better soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Karen, and whatever you do get that psyllium into him! I've been through this twice and not to scare you but it can turn from bad to worse fast. If he won't eat it as is mix it with whatever he will eat. Maybe some soaked alfalfa mush? Or apple sauce?

Good luck and keep us posted!