Friday, June 4, 2010

Been Busy!

Lots to catch up on today...

The new job is going great! I'm getting used to the hours and it's easier getting out of bed each morning. I think I've got a good handle on it, though there are a few "show me again" things. Betty, the gal that retired, retired on Tuesday, and came back yesterday as a contractor. She's going to be assisting me as I need it, chit-chatting with folks, and consolidating project files. It's only through June 17 and by then I've either got it, or I don't. For the most part, I think I've got it.

I've already asked a few questions that to me seemed maybe a little silly, but apparently they got the boss thinking that maybe there was an issue that hadn't been resolved and has resulted in high level meetings to seek resolution. He mentioned something about "fresh eyes". Several folks have already commented on how I'm on top of things and get things handled right away, as opposed to letting things just sit. I have a MUCH different style than Betty had.

Last weekend was the BRN4D NW Finals. I didn't enter, but my friends did, so I went up to watch and videotape their runs for them.

On Friday, we had scattered thunderstorms. That evening, a very heavy, very wet slow moving storm moved over us and POURED water! There was a solid sheet of water coming off the barn. I had to haul in some fresh fill dirt to create a dam to keep two of my stall from flooding. I could NOT believe the water! It was INSANE!!

Monday was the highlight! My friend, Tara Lawrence, ran a 17.003 and led the race for most of the day. Right at the end, four riders ran faster, but she still had an amazing run!

Then there was the Top 20 Championship. The top 20 fastest times of the weekend (assuming that they entered all 4 days) get a chance to run for $1000 and a trophy saddle. I think that two rider had the same time, so it was the Top 21... not sure. I was out holding the quirky neighbor's horse, as she had entered the race. She ended up running her personal best time of 16.917, but her horse rubbed the barrel over. Still, it was great to see her run such a nice time!

Then Courtney Frazier came in and smoked a 16.691. It was just lovely to watch and we all thought that she had it in the bag! After all, who could beat her? Right?

In comes Nicole Aichele on her horse Biankus French Girl (aka Blondie). This is a really cool story! Nichole is just turned 17 in April and is a Junior in Highschool. Nicole's dad, as a fluke, bid on Blondie at the Hermiston Auction several years ago, thinking to help out the seller and get folks bidding, and ended up buying the horse for $500.

Nicole and Blondie came in and ran a 16.643!!! A NEW WORLD RECORD!!! After her run, the announcer came on and told everyone "Don't touch the eye! Don't touch the barrels!" They had to remeasure the course. They had three people at each measure point, and video'd the process from 5 different perspectives. The new record was confirmed and was submitted on Tuesday!

There was a video up shortly after the race showing the record run, but it was copywrited, so it was brought down. Below is a link to Nicole's run in the same arena in 2008 that is just as beautiful and flawless, and only slightly slower with a 16.751. Definitely worth watching!

Nichole Aichele and Blondie

Here is a video of the world record run if you are interested. The sound is HORRIBLE, so you might want to turn your speakers off!

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Nikker said...

Glad the new job is going well!!
What a great story about Nicole and her horse! Can't wait until the "good" video reposts!