Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Frankie and Bullwinkle -

I love you both. Truly I do! I love you both equally, and yet, differently, and for different reasons. But I have a few requests.

I will feed you every morning and every night. I promise. On the weekend, I will feed you three times a day, so you'll have something to munch on. So PLEASE, don't eat dirt and sand. And PLEASE don't eat your own poop. It's gross! And when you eat sand, it gives you a tummy ache, doesn't it Bullwinkle?

I will give you cool, clean fresh water every night. I will dump your water tubs and remove any sign of algae. So Frankie, if the water is a little warmer that you'd prefer, please don't poop in the tub. I believe that your aim is great, but you don't need to prove it to me. This is also gross!

And once your water tub is gross, please don't kill it. I need it in one piece so that I can clean it and refill it for your use.

Thanks you,

The Feed Bag

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Maybe by pooping in the water bucket, Frankie was trying to do his own sand test? :)