Friday, June 25, 2010

These horses are going to be the death of me yet!

First Angel. Now Bullwinkle!

What the HECK!!

Last night, Mike and I were spray the property. Mike was in the pasture spray for broad leaf weeds, I was walking the gravel spraying grass.

I happened to look over and see Bullwinkle come out of the stall where he'd just been moved to with Frankie, and just after eating, and lay down. He laid there a minute, then got up, turned around and lay down again, looking around at his belly. Then he laid flat out.

I thought, "Well that is weird."

I kept spraying, checking back every so often. After 30 minutes, he was still doing it. So I called Cathy. She said it sounded like gas colic and to get him moving. So I went out and haltered him, took him to the arena, where he pooped three times, but looked uncomfortable moving at a trot. After 20 minutes, I took him back to the barn where he immediately laid down. He was now sweating and was really uncomfortable.

I called Cathy again, and she said to get some banamine into him. I didn't have any but my quirky neighbor did. So she gave him a shot in the neck (BW didn't even flinch), and I started walking him.

The second time around the house, he dropped a cow pie in the gravel. Hmmm...upset tummy, obviously! 20 yards later, he tried to lay down.

We walked for the next hour and half. He never pooped again, but he did pee.

BW is so snugly he'd have crawled in my lap if I'd let him. He was totally content to just follow me around off the lead rope. Mike took a turn walking him and is now completely in love! He now understands my connection with this colt.

At 8 pm, I called the vet and talked to her about what had gone on. She said to check a couple times in the night and to get some Sand Clear this morning.

So far this morning, he is doing fine. He has wet diarrhea, so my hope is that it'll flush whatever caused it. He'll go on a probiotic this afternoon if things don't firm up.


Karen said...

awww poor guy. Hope he feels better soon!

Nikker said...

Man oh, man! Your group is really keeping you on your toes, and not in a good way! Hope he has completed his recovery and his stool and returned to normal!!