Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turnout - What a trip!

Today was turnout day. It had drizzled a little before dawn and by noon, the sun was out. I had every intention of riding, but with the sun, I got the wind. So I just decided to turn out.

The boys were turned out onto pasture and the girls in the barn were turned into the arena, one at a time.

Millie was first and worked up a pretty good sweat. The kid can BUCK! I tell ya! Ok, to be honest, she was kicking up her heels. It wasn't a "buck", it was kicking up from the girth back. She was playing and blowing off steam.

Jinx was next. She pretty much paced by the gate.

Then came Squirrel. She cleaned up the shreds left by the boys at breakfast. So I climbed in and asked her to lope a few laps. When it came time to take her back to the barn, I found out that she can arch her neck and trot in place like the best dressage horses around. It was kind of cool!

Angel picked up where Squirrel left off. I asked her to lope a few laps also. When I decided that she was done, she was all spun up and I couldn't catch her. So I left her to blow off some steam by herself.

Jazzy was next and was pretty much like Angel and Squirrel. Being lazy and picking up what grub she could find, then bucking and blowing once I asked for some activity.

Honey was last. She is still dead lame and it was a slow walk out to the arena. On the way there, we had a little chat. I told her not to do anymore than she felt like doing, that I didn't expect her to do anything more than just stand around for 30 minutes or so. She took it to heart and that's what she did. She just stood near the gate and worked on the boys' salt lick.

HOWEVER, on the way back to the barn, she got goofy on me. Honey has NEVER been anything more than placid with the halter on. EVER! She has ALWAYS politely walked beside me, waiting for me to take her somewhere. Today, just outside the gate, she lunged forward, swung her butt away from me and reared to her full height. With all four on the ground, she's a good 16 hands, maybe taller. Standing on her back legs, she is scary tall.

When she came down, she trotted a little in a circle, then came back to where she was supposed to be beside me. On the backside of the house, she did it again. I have no clue why she did this, other than she probably wanted desperately to run and buck and squeal and blow off some steam but hurt too much to do it. Once in her stall, she just stood there. Goofy old mare!

One thing of note, every mare I took out to the arena was greeted by Bullwinkle with a sweet little whinny and he trotted up to the fence to chat some more. Frankie could have cared less! I just thought it was so sweet that he said "Hello" to each of the girls in turn.

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