Friday, February 12, 2010

Internet Trouble

I know now what Joe from TBFriends feels like... I haven't had internet for a few days. RAWR!

Mike still can't get home. It'll be next week sometime.

Now I'm so excited, I don't know what to write about.

HI! I missed ya!


Cheval Noire said...

Yes, I miss Joe @ TBFriends' daily updates and yours too so it's a pity the internet wasn't more reliable over there in the US of A!!
(ironic really as the internet started in the US!!).

The internet has certainly opened up social networks and access to information but when it doesn't work, don't we all feel it?
Have we become too reliant on technology?

Wouldn't say I need my daily 'fix' but I certainly notice it when I can't log on and 'get connected' to the world.

And isn't it wonderful when you go on a ride or a drive or spend an afternoon cleaning out the feed room without your mobile (cell) and don't have to worry about anyone finding you?

Just some idle ramblings ...... : )

Karen V said...

I'm still up at 10:51...heading for bed though.

I think the problem is our router. We have cable, which is the most reliable. We HAVE had some problems, but this last time the router over heated. (It's about 8 years old...)

Normally, when I'm outside working in the barn, my cell phone stays in the house and I check it during potty breaks or at lunch. With Mike being gone, I kept it on me today.

Earlier this week, I didn't even have a cell phone! The other fried, and we have no house phone.

I'll have a new post up tomorrow... about naughty little boys!

Rambling... I do that quite often.