Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Mike is home! He flew into Portland, OR last night! I picked him up and by the time we were out of the airport, it was almost 10 PM, so we got a hotel. After all, it's a 4 hour drive back home and it was 1 AM Eastern time, which is where he's been for the last month.

To give you an idea of how we spent the night, picture the airport runway, a fence, a strip mall, a road, and the hotel. Yep! In our infinite wisdom, we got a hotel right on the frickin runway. Oh, and to top things off, I did as he asked and took Boomer and Rylee with me.

Every time a plane took off or landed, Rylee jumped out from under the covers and stood growling. And after being apart for a month, we weren't used to having anyone else in bed with us. Needless to say, we got ZERO sleep.

The complimentary coffee in the room was NASTY! It would have been better put to use removing rust from a car bumper!

This morning, we got up, fed and pooped the dogs, then stopped at Shari's Restaurant from breakfast. They have pretty decent coffee available in Decaf (what's the point?), Regular, and Bold. I drank the Bold. It's like drinking coffee that is just shy of an espresso shot. Reminds me of the espresso we drank in Spain.

So awake and fed, we came home, arriving just after Noon. The coffee had worn off, and we had lunch and decided it was nap time. After about an hour, Spaz, our 18 pound resident, bossy housecat, decided that those twitching lumps under the covers weren't feet and were, in fact, mice that needed killing. Mike and I convinced him that those really weren't mice and rolled over and conked out for another two hours.

I'm pretty sure that neither of us will sleep tonight, but that's ok. We have 4 weeks of shows recorded that we need to watch, and Mike is home.

I HAZ A HAPPEE and the world is right!


Anonymous said...

It's great to know Mike has made his way home safe and sound, prob. not sane but sound at least. I live in the east (Pittsburgh,PA area) so I know the snow really dampened his plans to travel. My yard has a record breaking 34" in it right now. We had to dig a path and area for the dogs to run around in and the poor horses are not happy trudging through it either. Needless to say, our weekend trail rides have been put on hold :( Glad he made it back safely.

Cheval Noire said...


Having hubby home and furbabies close can't be beat!

Enjoy : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen,

So happy for you as well knowing that your hubby is home safe n sound!!


k.park, lk wales, FL

Anonymous said...

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