Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Search

First let me say that I have enabled comment moderation on comments to posts older than 5 days. There's been some back posting that has been inappropriate and I finally got a bellyfull and started moderation on older posts. I just want to keep the links to sex pages and other crap off my blog!

Now, the search...

I am searching for work. The cushy job that I could NEVER lose is gone. I didn't make a lot of money (enough to pay my bills), but I did the job well. Mostly. Our group consisted of an Assistant Manager and three Directors. I worked for one of the Directors. A year and half ago, the Assistant Manager hired a Secretary. She is older (mid- to late- sixties), very nice, professional, and completely ignorant.

She didn't know the software. She didn't know the "flow path". A year later, she STILL could not figure out how to change an Outlook calendar appointment without spamming everyone with 10 messages, then having to cancel the request and start over.

She was incompetent. Completely! And she wanted to be in control. EVERYTHING had to go through her. My boss and I called her "Mother". Unfortunately for me, the boss backed up Mother in the end, mainly because I was a contractor, and she was not. My demise came when I tried to solve a problem on my own. My boss knew what I was doing and how and saw no problem with it. Two days before I was "removed", he came to me and directed me to play Mother's game and do it her way. No problem, for me. This request was going to totally BURY Mother under extra work, but that's how she wanted it. Had this direction come earlier, I would have known the "Rules of Engagement". By the time the Boss handed down the word, it was too late.

The funny thing is, all I got for an explanation was "They want you removed." Nothing else. Had I gotten "talked to", perhaps I could have rebutted some of the complaints against me. (Not that it would have changed anything, but still)

So I spent the next week feeling rotten about myself, wondering if I was so arrogant that I was indeed a horrible person, my confidence in myself shattered. I've spoken to two of my former co-workers and they have assured me that the bad things I was thinking about myself were wrong. Ok, enough of that. I have several leads and prospects...the search is on!

I am searching for new homes for some of my horses. Millie, Squirrel and Jinx are for sale. I have them priced out of "kill buyer range", yet high enough that I can negotiate a bit more money for them. The bottom line is that someone is going to get one hell of a deal on any of them.

The only one that is "iffy" is Jinx. I'm going to call the vet out to check her eyes. She is jumpy and easily "spooked" and I wonder if she just isn't seeing well. If that is the case, then she won't be sold. She'll be put down because like Cathy said about one of her horses, she'll be dangerous and could hurt someone.

I told Mike to call the gal that we are buying her from and telling her to just come get her horse. Forget about the money that we've already invested, we'll never get that back. And, if she is having vision problems, it will cost us more to euthanize her, so just give her back and let her former owner deal with her.

You know... I had a TON more that I was going to write about, but I'll spare you. Mainly because I just totally lost my train of thought and I've rambled enough already!


Karla said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job situation Karen! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hope that you find an even better job. Good luck with the Jinx situation, as well as finding thr right home(s) for the others.

Nikker said...

OMG...I am soo sorry. If you were in N. Idaho, I know a small machine shop that is always looking for someone who isn't carrying a lot of baggage that keeps them from working 40 hours a week! Best of luck to you...if any of my "horse friends" are looking, I'll send them your way.

Karen V said...

Nikker - Two horse crazy women in one small machine shop...Chad would lose his mind! (Actually, that might be fun to watch!!)

Nikker said...

Chad has already accepted his fate! ( :

Jenn said...


I will never understand why incompetence is forever rewarded and loyalty, dedication, and hard work is so often 'let go'.


It does seem to be the true blue American Way, however.

V. Frustrating.