Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kali (my daughter) and I came home after an evening out to two pile of Boomer (The Labrador) Poo on the carpet. I cleaned them up and we played computers games until about 12:30 am. I let the dogs out one last time then went to bed. This morning, another pile of Boomer Poo, and a puddle.

STUPID DOG!! You'd think at ten years old he could hold it through the night!!

This morning, I got a wild hair up you-know-where and rototilled the arena. It just looked messy and it bothered me. Then I took the heavy chain harrow and smoothed and packed it. It looks VERY nice now!

When I returned to the barn to take the rototiller off the tractor, it sits at an angle and I can't figure out how to take the stinking thing off! RAWR!!! So it stays on until I can find someone to help me. (Other than Mike because we just end up hollering at each other!)

OH! And get this! I was cuddling with Jazzy a little while her water was filling and she had some loose hairs on her face. The more I wiped, the more loose hairs. So I spread my fingers and took a swipe down the front of her neck and chest. The silly mare is SHEDDING!

REALLY??? It's only the 6th of FEBRUARY!!! What is up with THAT???!!

Anyway, now I have a mild headache, and I'm chilled, so I'm going to eat some lunch, take a bath, and then a nap.

Sounds like a good plan to me!!

I hugged my horses....did you hug yours?


Anonymous said...

I'm on the coast and our horses started shedding last week! it's crazy! Oh, have you thought about a urinary tract infection in the dog? We had that problem last year - dog going inside (when she was very well housebroke) and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection. Gave her some antibiotics from the vet and no more problems! :) Good luck!

Karen V said...

That's a good thought, but one of our "piddlers" is just coming off antibiotics for a respiratory thing she had going on.

In what we've paid in vet bills since October (Just on the dogs!), I could have put the hardwood floor that I want in the entire house.

I guess that's why I have animals... to save me from spending my money on frivolous things such as nice furniture, new flooring, CLOTHES... ACK!

luvredponies said...

We are in North Central Oregon and one of my 4 horses startd shedding about 4 weeks ago (he looked like a wooly mammoth - now he just looks like a horse with a winter coat). But after several hours of scraping pee stinking, crusted on poopy mud today, I realized that all four are shedding now. I know that spring is not here yet, but it is on its way. Come on spring! I'm sick of rain and mud - just sick of it!

Thanks, I feel better now.