Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can I have some cheese with my whine?

I'm gonna whine for this post. Bear in mind, it ALL self-inflicted, but I don't care.

I exhausted. It's not even 6 o'clock and I'm completely spent! My back is aching. My feet are screaming. No seriously! They are truly making noise! I'm dehydrated. I'm hungry, but I'm too tired to chew.

So... what could I have POSSIBLY done to end up in this state? I picked up horse poop. yeah, that all.

For 5 hours! Now bear in mind, that this poop was mixed with mud, especially after the husband ran over it with the tractor, turning it into a slurry the consistency of wet cement. He tried to scoop up as much as he could with the tractor, then have me fork in the leftovers. This worked pretty good, except for the "leftover" part.

Wet horse poop mixed with mud the consistency of wet cement is HEAVY!

Ok, that's all I have to whine about. I thought I had more, but I guess not.

SO...I turned the "kids" out on pasture while we were working. Millie went out with Jinx, just by virtue of their pen setup. Sweet Miss Millie had been out with the boys, if you'll remember, and she'd gotten in the habit of being bossy.

Also, Jinx is almost two taller and out-weighs Millie by about 400 pounds. AND, Jinx did not take kindly to a snotty 2 (almost 3) yr old pinning her ears and making a run at her. Jinx gave her plenty of warning...wiggling her butt and pinning her ears. Millie darted in, thinking she was going to take some of the hide of Jinx's butt. Millie ened up getting nailed in the chest with both hind legs. I say hind legs, because she was too close to Jinx to really get hurt or for Jinx to connect.

Jinx wasn't overly nasty. She was totally happy to share the large pasture. But was NOT going to tolerate a snot-nosed brat getting all up in her face!

So Millie got educated...TWICE! Apparently she's a slow learner.

When I let Millie back up to the barn, I figured she'd head right to water, or the hay I had set out. NOPE! Stupid me! WHAT was I thinking?? Millie saw that she could zip under the top tape (the others weren't up yet) and ZOOM she was loose. And, you KNOW what a loose horse does to the one that AREN'T loose.

Lucky for me, there was a barrier that prevented her from going out on the road. Also lucky for me, she is a cookie monster! One shake of the bucket with cookies and she threw on the brakes and trotted over. Crisis averted, she followed me back to the barn, stopping every so often to accept a cookie.

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Anonymous said...

I can really identify with the wet horse poop & subsequent back acke thing....remember I.m the old lady that couldnt take Jazzy I think because now I.m too old to pick up horse poop...even for one this is what been reduced to....cant stand to be with out a 4 legged friend in my pasture so will be getting 2 Alpine Doe Goats this spring...not to breed or milk ( heaven forbid) but just to love on & talk is it possible to pick poop the size or raisins out of the stall...Guess I.ll find out..