Monday, December 14, 2009

All Buttoned Up and Snug as a Bug!

OK, so as a follow-up to my last post, I gotta tell ya... I put on blankets tonight.

Cathy A has been looking for a blanket to fit Frankie. I found a barrel racer (read "Collector of the Lastest Fad") who was cleaning her tack room. She has a couple of lightly used blankets that were the right size, so I had my choice: Navy/Hunter Plaid or Hot Pink and Black Zebra Stripes. Um...I chose the boring green and blue one. I figured Frankie would suffer much embarassment if I put the pink thing on him, and it probably would have tweeked Bullwinkle's itty bitty brain to the point of a stroke.

The Big Man was a champ! He stood quietly while I adjust it to fit him. He seemed a little offended by the whole process, but he got over it as soon as I took the halter off.

Bullwinkle didn't care much for the crinkling of the fabric, but he also accepted my "advances". Mary did such an awesome job with the Little Man, I tend to forget he's only going to be two years old in May. He is wearing the blanket bought for Beau. Thank you again, Cathy Davis! If fits him perfectly! It's amazing to me that even though he's so much bigger than Beau, he is still the same length.

Little Miss Millie the Fat Filly was moved to the empty stall in the barn. She's such a bully to the boys, I've been throwing extra feed out so nobody goes hungry. She has become quite the little tub of lard!

So, WHY! am I blanketing??? We have a winter storm rolling through tonight. We're supposed to get 4 - 6 inches of snow, and sometime in the night, it's supposed to turn to freezing rain and ice pellets. This is a PRIME example of one reason to blanket.

In the comment of the previous post, there were some other good reasons. I remember when I got the blanket from Cathy D and had it on Beau for a couple of nights. He wasn't using his energy to keep warm, so he sort of puffed up and gained more weight.

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I hate blanketing! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!! It's pain in the butt! However, with no shelter, the boys needs SOME kind of protection from the winter nasties.

Have I posted yet just how much I adore Bullwinkle??? He's an old soul, mature beyond his years. I have rarely seen a horse with a mind like his of ANY age, let alone one so young. If ever I am stupid enough to breed one of my mares, OR if I end up with a preggers mare, I'm sending the baby to Mary! In spite of her "New Mom" worry, she did an AMAZING job with Bullwinkle! ALL babies should be so lucky to have such a great start!

P.S. It's snowing.


Sally said...

I hope everyone is snuggled in for the night and the storm doesn't get too bad!

Cheval Noire said...

We're in our Summer so the thought of snow blows me away.

Best feeling in the world is when animals & humans are snuggly and warm while Mother Nature throws her best(or worst)at you.

Sending (WARM) wishes from Oz and hope MN is kind to all.

mrscravitz said...

Well I am up at this horrible hour. I should be sleeping but alas, I am catching a cold, AGAIN! and my nose is plugged, and so hubby keeps telling me I am snoring, even though I am only laying there TRYING to go back to sleep! LOL Anyway, WE GOT NOT SNOW here in Umatilla. Hermiston got some on Saturday night. Us? ZIP! There is a sheet of ice covering EVERYTHING! I am not sure I am going to even attempt to go to work this morning. I don't even know how I am going to go out and feed without falling down...I can tolerate a lot of adverse conditions but ICE is not one of them. Wished we would of gotten snow at this point! And I was SO hoping for a mild winter this year! LOL