Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beau's Story - Finally Told

Beau's story is told!! It aired tonight, but I missed it. However, I found the link. Only problem I had is that they called me a "trainer", which I am DEFINITELY not! Ah well!

The videos have been removed from the KNDU website, but the text is below.

Much Thanks to Hilary Whittier of KNDU News for allowing me to share his story!

Here's the write-up.
PASCO, Wash;-- Our station has received a stack of emails from people across the state encouraging us to tell Karen Vermillion's story about a horse named Beau, and how Beau lost a hard fought battle that so many horses around the country have been fighting for years.

Beau was a gelding in his mid 20's who was suffering from malnourishment and overgrown, split hooves.

"She said he was skinny and what showed up was a bone rack," Karen said while reflecting on the first day he was brought to her ranch by a friend she met through a barrel racing club. "He was a walking bone rack with horrible feet."

Karen has rehabbed skinny horses many times before. She has two horses currently on her ranch that she brought back to health. Beau's condition was much worse. He was emaciated and his story is one of serious neglect.

"I honestly did not expect him to survive the weekend he was so thin," Karen said.

However, he did make it through that first weekend, and thirteen more afterwards. During that time gained strength thanks to constant feeding and care. After several weeks he gained enough strength to show his true character, a character Karen says was buried under deep hunger and pain.

"Every little victory for Beau resulted in an explosion of comments," she explained while smiling at the memory. "At one point he was feeling really well and he did this feeble half hearted little buck out in the pasture. It was a huge milestone when he got down for the first time because it meant he was strong enough to get back up."

Captain Steve Keane of the Benton County Sheriff's Office says they see plenty of cases like Beau's; horse after horse showing skin and bones and in need of help.

"We run into a lot of complaints about people not taking care of their animals, horses included," Keane said. "A lot of times we hear about them in the winter, especially when it gets cold and they have to purchase extra feed." Keane said.

The Benton County Sheriff's Department issued a warning to the previous owner of Beau. According to the case file officers were sent to Beau's past home in Kennewick two times to enforce the need for Beau to be sent to a better home. They were then sent three more times afterwards to ensure that the horse was truthfully given away to a more appropriate home with better conditions.

The prior owner could not be reached for comments.

After 13 weeks of constant care at Karen's ranch, it was not enough to erase years of neglect. Karen says Beau was in too much pain caused by split hooves and years without proper food. She had to put him down in mid November, but hopes others will learn from his story and call police if they see a neglected horse.


Anonymous said...

Super awesome, if it makes a difference for just one other horse then his fight was worth it.

Sabrina said...

Great news story!! Ugghhhh...where's my kleenex?!? *wipes tears* Thanks for posting the link so we could all watch it! Hope the video helps spread awareness of animal neglect and makes the difference in other animal's lives!! Good for you interviewing with the news and continuing getting Beau's story heard even though he's no longer with us!! Way to go! ((HUGS!!))

Horse Filled Days said...

If by telling Beau's story it can save one horse from going through what he did, then it will be worth it. Thanks so much for doing the interview, and kudos to the news media for telling his story and raising the awareness of animal neglect.. Rest In Peace Beau....

Barb Ollivier said...

Of COURSE you're a trainer!! Look at how well the Cooker B*tch minds!!! hee hee hee!! GREAT STORY, good job and God Bless you hunnee!!

Karen V said...

BarbO - The Cooker B*tch says "HEEEEY! I take exception to that!"

I giggled! You absolutely NAILED it!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Great story - very well done and accurate! I'm so glad that the point was made that you hope to inspire others to officially report horses in poor condition. There's no reason they have to get as bad as Beau, to that point of no return.

Congrats, Karen! Just the coolest!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job and very well done!!

Hugs to you Karen for being vigilant in regards to Beau's story being told!

K.Park, Lk Wales, FL