Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Pictures - As promised!

Beau - out on pasture, watching over his "woman"

Here's the rest of the "kids"... You know you're a good "mom" when you can't get decent pasture shots because they keep walking up on you to get their lovin'!

Bright Eyes Angel (aka Angel, Spotted Donkey)

Caddis Cool Dorado (aka Bullwinkle)

Honey in the Money (aka Honey Bear)

Jazzy and Jinx


Meritable Millie (aka Millie the Fillie)

JNJ Classy Poco Gal (aka Squirrel)


Dressager said...

He looks so good now! That is so good to hear that he's getting that strength back. And I could not help but notice that your pastures and fencing look very nice too haha!

Anonymous said...

Beau looks sooo much better! Still a little way to go but sheesh! It's already like night and day. You have a great looking and not to mention lucky herd! Wish my pasture looked that nice! What kind of fencing is that?

Karen V said...

Fencing is electric tape.

Laura said...

wow! he's looking amazing!!! :)

Drillrider said...

AMAZING difference in such a short time. He is looking like someone actually "cares" about him!

Alee said...

I wonder if working him lightly (when his foot is feeling better) in side reins would help his topline muscles a bit and help him support his back a bit better?

Brandy said...

I was wondering about his back too! I thought maybe his butt is still so bony that it looked higher than his back, and when the front of his butt fills out the sway look will go away....

But yes, he looks GREAT! He's all shiny, and doing the happy old man thing out in the sun!

And maybe he's pee-shy! A lot of male dogs I know are - I have to tell them I'm not watching, no one's looking, it's ok... LOL!

Good work, what a beauty he is!