Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's talk about Beau, Baby!

Below are some photos taken today. As one thing gets resolves, something else pops up. He is still losing hair on his back. And now, his sheath is swollen (as seen in photo #1). I'm going to put out a call for help with the sheath thing - gotta admit I know NOTHING in this area. Maybe one of my friends with geldings can come over and help me out...




hope4more said...

Looking good buddy boy! Nice job K, he looks so much better.

As far as the sheath goes, it may need to be cleaned. The vet comes out to do mine when they need it, sometimes it gets dirty up in there and if they don't drop it to give it air sometimes it gets irritated or even a little infection.

dressagepony said...

Wow, he's really starting to fill in! He's so adorable! The fact that his color is pretty much exactly the same as my mare's makes me feel like I should be able to touch him. Oh well. Give him good neck scratchies from me!

Nikker said...

Wow! He looks so much better! Way to go! I am no help with his newest problem as nothing I own is plumbed that way! Mare power baby!! LOL!! My hats off to you...your hard work is obvious! said... not had to deal with a gelding with a swollen sheath but did have a gelding that I had to wash it out once in a while to keep him clean...he will probably never let it all hang while you are doing that but nice soft cloth & mild soap & water might take care of the problem...maybe something caught up in there?

Horse Filled Days said...

Wow, he looks great, his topline is really filling in nicely, good job! When our boy's need their sheaths cleaned, it will get swollen sometimes, so hopefully that's all that's going on with him. We just cleaned all our gelding's sheaths a couple weeks ago, we usually try to clean them twice a year. We sedate them with Ace, which caused them to "drop" and then clean them with a sheath cleaner and the water hose! They don't mind it too much. Just make sure when cleaning that you rinse them really well, and get the "bean" out, it can block them and cause difficulty when urinating.

Katharine Swan said...

That's amazing! You really ought to be proud of how quickly you've gotten his weight back up. He is adorable!

As for the sheath... At my old barn last summer, a gelding developed that same problem. The vet came out, said it was an allergic reaction or something (to flies I think?), and gave the owner some meds to give him (for pain?). The swelling went away gradually over about a week or so.

Sorry I can't be of more help but I don't remember all the details. However, although it seemed to be uncomfortable for him (duh) it did go away again.

Anonymous said...

That nose is soooo dang kissable =)
I am not sure i would be able to get anything accomplished knowing that cute boy was in my barn. I know I am gushing but in just 18? days You saved and changed this guys life. Thank you.
Hoping it's just a bit of dirt that got trapped, very easily fixed. Please kiss that nose for me. thanks again for making this story a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Beau is looking amazing! Keep up the great work Karen! The judge needs to see these pictures for sure.

Side note: There is a veeeery skinny horse I've noticed on my drive in to work, at first he looked a little thin, but now I'd say he is maybe 3. So I called AC and they say they were just out there to see him yesterday and that the horse is receiving vet care for several weeks now. They told me to keep an eye on him and if he still looks thin to call back. Seeing how quickly Beau is recovering makes me wonder just how much (of the right) care this horse is getting... I feel the need to do more but at this point I'm not sure what more I can do.

Laura said...

Hi Karen,

I've been following since you first brought Beau home, but just haven't had a chance to post until now.

Thank you for taking this lovely boy in! He is looking absolutely amazing!! I can't believe the difference only a few short weeks have made. As for the sheath I'm not sure what it could be (am a mare owner) but try googling. I just did and there are many results.

Kudos to you! :)

Drillrider said...

From the picture, the swelling appears to be in front of the sheath area. If that is the case, it is most likely due to biting flies.

If it is the actual sheath, a cleaning should take care of the problem. I have my vet do it because I'm squeemish about sticking my hand up their unmentionables!

Beau looks so much better and I can't wait to see how he looks 2-3 months from now. Food, care and attention do wonders!

Karen V said...

Drilllrider! Me too. The gal that brought him to me is coming over to "help" clean his sheath. I did call the vet and she thinks biting flies or he got stung. My daughter is going to hand walk him for me while I'm at work. I'll stop fretting now.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Karen!!! You need to take a bow girl - he looks so much better!

As a former groom - I am cracking up at the cleaning if the sheath...unmentionables..sorry.. ROFL

I sincerely hope it's nothing serious.
Once again - GREAT JOB!!!
Karen Park
Beau Follower from Lake Wales,Fl

Karen V said...

Oh yeah, Karen! Yak it up! HA HA I have a problem "getting fresh" with the poor old guy! I'll die of embarassment! The whole process is, well, embarassing! I know it needs done, but O M G...I'll die! I'm already blushing at just the thought, and all I have to do is hold the leadrope. OH DEAR...

Anonymous said...

Well hang in there Karen and just keep telling yourself that you're doing the right thing! I'm sure if Beau could do it himself he would! I remenber hearing a really funny sheath cleaning song once all I can remember of it now is the line (to the tune of my darling clementine) "found a peanut, found a peanut..." I'll see if I can find the whole thing for ya ;o)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the one I was thinking of but here is another funny one:

The Sheath Cleaning Song

To the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"...

If it's hanging and you see it lube your hands
If it's hanging and you see it lube your hands
If it's hanging and you see it
Grab it quick it's time to clean it
If it's hanging and you see it lube your hands.

If it's peely and it's crusty pick it off
If it's peely and it's crusty pick it off
If it's peely and it's crusty
and the smell is kind of musty
If it's peely and it's crusy pick it off

If his weenie has a beanie dig it out
If his weeny has a beanie dig it out
If his weiner has a beaner
Pull it out and he'll be cleaner
If his weenie has a beenie dig it out

Now he's happy and you know it wash your hands
Now he's happy and you know it wash your hands
It's a job that's kind of kinky
And now your hands are really stinky
But he's happy and you know it wash your hands.

Drsgjunky said...

Don't have much time here. This is a great site for EVERYTHING Equine, and Sheath cleaning 101.

A lot of info here is directly from Vets.

Enjoy :) We do our boy.

Meagan said...

I would definitely say his sheath probably just needs to be cleaned. And he's looking awesome! Doesn't look like he's even 25. He's a cute boy. Other sheath problems can stem from insects (ie flies) or even an allergic reaction of some sort. But of course the most common cause is just a unclean sheath.

Karen V said...

Found this while "researching" this whole sheath cleaning business...

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen - ROFL with tears!!

That was the perfect tune and words for the sheath cleaning process.

My husband thinks I'm nuts now,as I am laughing and all he saw was the "unmentionable" getting pulled out & cleaned.

Can't stop laughing. Good luck with your endeavorers in regards to the process. Lets us know how it all goes - pics of embarrassment would be appreciated.

ROFLMAO(with tears)
Karen Park, FL

ps - It's wonderful to see the weight gain progress in the pics - Thank You!

Drsgjunky said...

Karen V said...

Found this while "researching" this whole sheath cleaning business...

Now that was FUNNY!