Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Test

A month or so ago, my friend Barb Olivier gave be Millie the Fillie - Meritable Millie. She a year and half and has had "all the ground work done", sacked out, trailered, clipped, trimmed, bathed, etc. Barb did mention that she hadn't done too much by way of tying.

So in the rain and gloom today, I did some stall cleaning and I figured I could turn the horses out for play time while I clean.

Millie was first. She did some playing and some calling, but was at the gate waiting for me and was barely breathing heavy. She apparently didn't do a lot of playing!

I didn't want to fight her at the gate when I went in to dump the wheelbarrow, so I tied her inside the arena to one of the posts. I closed the gate behind me and dumped the poo in little piles not far from where she was tied. Then I toss the wheel barrow over with a "whump".

Millie's reaction?

Nothing. Not so much as a flinch. She stood there looking at me. So I left the arena. She whinnied. That was it. Nothing else.

She DID want a cookie when I went to untie her, but the whole thing was pretty anticlimactic.

Test passed.

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