Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What do you do?

What do you do when you’re being bullied? This is a problem I feel is affecting a friend. She has a weanling I’ll call Pudge. “Sue” spent a LOT of money to buy Pudge, vet him, get his health papers, and ship him. She spent time reading voraciously to learn how to feed a foal, what to look for, “games” she could play with him that would ultimately train him and teach him trust. In all things, Sue has thought ONLY of Pudge and his well being.

In the past two months, she has moved Pudge to six (SIX!!) different boarding facilities. Not because he was being abused or anything, but because the barn owners wouldn’t feed according to Sue’s plan.

Sue has talked with a vet to lay out the best plan for Pudge. The whole program is really not that hard. Free access to quality hay (provided by Sue, staged and tarped for easy access) and Equine Junior, Northwest Supplement, and a joint supplement (to help this baby grow sound). How hard can that be?

Well the first barn owner didn’t turn Pudge out where he could REALLY run and stretch his legs. He was confined to a nice sized stall with a 15 X 12 runout. His only turnout was in an indoor “arena” (more like a round pen). He wasn’t even turned out in the large outdoor arena because the barn owners didn’t want to be hassled with trying to catch him.

Another place had barbed wire – so NOT going to happen.

Another place didn’t want to be hassle with feeding him his grain and supplement. Sue had pre-portioned the grain and supplement in ziplock bags, and placed them in a plastic garbage can outside Pudge’s pen. HOW HARD CAN IT BE???? All the barn owner would have to do is open the can, pull out a baggie of grain, and dump it in the bucket.

At another place, the barn owner ARGUED with Sue about how Pudge was going to be fed. Said barn owner had done a lot of research and she knew best. Apparently the point lost on this woman was the fact that SUE owned Pudge!

So, Sue has been moving Pudge around, looking for a place where Pudge would be safe, where he’d be fed as prescribed, and turned out for long periods for exercise. She hasn’t found it.

Sue called last night and offer to GIVE Pudge to me. It breaks my heart because I know that Sue loves Pudge and she only wants what is best for him. She would rather give him away than see him lacking in any part of his early development.

Things have not been finalized yet. Pudge will ABSOLUTLY have home with me if that is Sue’s final decision. I would LOVE to have him. And he will become a regular on this blog, so that Sue can keep tabs on him.

NOTE TO SUE: You have definitely been bullied and taken advantage of. It is absolutely WRONG that these people have nickled and dimed you, changed Pudge’s feed program, and pushed you to the point where you are so frustrated that you’re willing to give Pudge up.

He has a home with me if that is your decision. I told you I was full, but after talking to my other half (Who is actually still very much in love with the little monkey!), we can spend a day re-stringing hot tape to make a pen for him. He will be well cared for and with you, we have an open barn policy – you are most welcome to visit anytime you wish.


Anonymous said...

I was talked out of buying a foal for the reasons Sue experienced. I'm so sorry this has to happen!

At the barn I'm currently at (and leaving soon), there is a foal there with what I consider bad owners. They only check on the baby twice a month, she never gets turned out, she was under weight enough that animal control was called, crappy hay I'm not sure I'd feed to a cow...

Unfortunately, the BO's like to cause drama. There is no being unhappy there about anything. And they think they know what's best to feed and are having a fit about feeding the baby what her owners dropped off, even though it's a complete feed. (Something she called "all breed") They won't feed the feed because they once had a horse colic on it. And, they hassle me about what I feed (LMF) and say I should be using their feed (partial care, their feed because hubby is severely hay allergic) but I dislike the feed they feed. I pay for my own grain on top of paying a higher rate of board that should include hay and grain. I just can't stand people who think they know everything and meddle!

Sue, you have my deepest sympathies!

ezra_pandora said...

Hi, first time reading your blog. I know how she feels. Why don't you work out a plan with Sue so that she can board him with you? We've had many troubles with BO's in the past as well and had problems with feedings and the bo actually stealing OUR feed and hay to feed to her own when she didn't want to buy her own stuff. Sue has my sympathies and I hope she either keeps trying to find a caring place or you are able to help her out.

Karen V said...

Welcome E-P!

I DID offer to board Pudge at my place. The only "stick" in the gears is that she lives 5 hours away. It'll be up to Sue whether she wants to do that or not.

She was so upset the other night when she called. I just felt so bad for because she's trying so dang hard to do everything right and keeps running into walls thrown up by other people. I'll totally help her in whatever capacity I can.

Anonymous said...

Karen, is she in WA? If so, can you say where? I might have some ideas or know some people...

Karen V said...

No, she's in the Boise, ID area

Anonymous said...

I'll ask the hubby if he knows of anyone that might work. He grew up there. :)