Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All trimmed up and ready...wait...

The farrier came today to trim two of my six horses.

I had him pull the shoes on the front of Angel. She hasn't had shoes on the back and they seem to be doing fine. Last summer, her feet were mush. After a year of biotin (for quick growth) and dry powdered milk (for THICK growth) they seem to be holding together. So I pulled the shoes. I put a product called Sole Solution on the soles. It closes up the open sole, tightens it and firms it up. They use it on the track for horses that get foot sore from the pounding their feet take. I also use Tuf Stuf for the hoof wall. It smells like clear fingernail polish. It seals the nail holes and cracks, prevent further absorbtion of moisture and toughens the hoof wall.

Squirrel's feet looks AWESOME!!!! I was so excited. I'd actually get to ride her without worrying that I'd make her sore from having long toes. Then I noticed the swollen back ankle. *sigh* I figure she did it running into her stall (a game that she and Honey play at feeding time, ears pinned and making faces) and sliding into the mat. She has a BAD habit of peeing in the stall, rather than going outside, so her stall is always sloppy and gross! The farrier didn't think she was SORE, just swollen. So I ran some water on it and put her away.

Then the rain started. It was sunny and beautiful yesterday, but today, Veteran's Day, my day off. It's raining.

So I came in and cleaned the bathroom. I looked out and YEAH!!! the rain stopped.

Now we have wind.

I can't win for losing. I guess I'll just take a nap. After I vacuum.

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trailblazer said...

Hi Karen,

I am really interested in what you have done for Angel. The timing on this post was perfect. My QH gelding has 3 white feet - one in the front. He never needs shoes in the back, but usually does in the front. I've only had him for two years and my trail terrain is better than the previous owners rocky trails. Plus I don't ride him hard. I decided to try him barefoot this year to see how it went. The farrier agreed that it is better for them and to see how it went. She would come back if it didn't work out. We made out fine, but I think next year I will get boots in case I decide to ride him on stony ground.

He got trimmed this Monday and she trimmed him quite short. I guess hoping to avoid coming back in the dead of winter. His feet grow quite slow this time of year anyway. This trim was 13 weeks after his previous one. Immediately after, he was quite sore - especially that front white one. I am trying some of my friends boots today to see if that gives him any relief. The farrier also offered to pad the boots if they need it. I know time will heal it, but I am wondering if there is anything else you could recommend since you have dealt with problem feet before. I had thought about Biotin this summer, but didn't do it. She said his hoof wall is fine, but his sole is thin. I have never heard about using powdered milk. What about this Sole Solution? Any thoughts?

BTW, I love your blog. I read it often. I am sorry about Joy, but you did right by her. People that think a horse is a horse, have never been around them to realize that they all have their own personalities.