Thursday, November 6, 2008

It’s Dark! grrrrrr

We rolled the clocks back. Now instead of feeding in the still dark morning and riding in the last 45 minutes of evening, I’m feeding in the dark and feeding in the dark. Riding is an option days off. I can’t even turn out because it’s too dark. Luckily, my horses have good sized runs.

So I thought I’d adjust my contact with the horses to just grooming at night. During the week, I can pull of the horses out, brush out manes and tails, body groom them, clip them up if necessary.

We’ve had rain almost everyday since we turned the clocks back. And of course, my delicate little darlings absolutely MUST stand out in it so they can watch the house, just in case I head for the back sliding door to come feed them, again… ROTTEN BRATS!!

Then there’s the two new horses that INSIST on peeing in their stall or on their plate. By plate, I mean the mats that I throw their hay on.

I know there are some people that would say “Welcome to my world” in regards to the rain. I don’t WANT your world. I want MY world. My world is the desert. Average yearly rainfall is like 7 inches…FOR THE YEAR! It’s DRY here. If this keeps up, we are going to be green and moldy and mossy by spring. The desert will have disappeared and we will have become a tropical forest, lush and green and MUDDY.

/end rant and grumble…heading off to pitch some Halloween candy from the gal down the hall….


2toads2luv said...

Hey, it's snowing up Wenatchee area! And there they all are, standing out in it. My first thought is always, GO IN THE BARN! IT'S DRY IN THERE. But then again, if I was dressed right, I probably wouldn't stand inside either. (And no, no blankets on the kids here.)

Karen V said...

You're a BARREL RACER!! Me too (sort of)

What's your REAL name? We may know each other!

Anonymous said...

Ok, guys, lets remember that horses are comfortable in their own hair at 40 degrees and that in the wild, they don't have barns to go into and maybe not trees to shelter them. They're made of sterner stuff than we give them credit for.

2toads2luv said...

MY favorite are the ones who blanket their horses so they don't grow a winter coat... Unless you keep them in a stall under BRIGHT LIGHT for 12 hours a day, it doesn't so much work, folks. How in the world did those poor mustangs survive on the open prairies?

I was just saying, that if it looks cold out to me (I'm looking out the window at new snow right now) I think everyone (the animals, that is) needs to be snuggled into a bed of straw with a heat lamp and big mug of hot chocolate. ;-)

Karen V said...

Allison - I got your e-mail, but YAHOO won't let me open it. It DID say it was from "Allison" though... I sent a note to YAHOO and hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. The suspense is killing me!

Anonymous said...

Our BOs recently said (as in last week). It's cold out, your horse needs a blanket!

Cold? I'm happy as a clam in a sweatshirt! It's 60 degrees out! How's that cold? Unseasonably warm, maybe...