Friday, July 16, 2010

What is up???

The answer? Not much, except the temperature!

It was a nice reprieve last weekend when highs were in the mid-80s. Back up to 100 degrees now. Even with the breeze, it's like an oven out there.

So what's new...hmmm.

My dryer died this morning. I put the clothes in and turned it on, then headed out to meet the farrier. When I came back in, it was too hot to touch and has turned off. It's been getting really hot on the outside for a while and even though the dryer fix-it guy said it was "OK", we thought he was full of crap and either it would over-heat and die, or it would start a fire. (Yes, it was THAT hot!) Well, luckily for me, it died. So off we went to look for a new set, figuring we'd give the old washer to Josh and Tiffany or sell it. And by old, I mean it's probably 12 years old.

I ended up getting a Whirlpool Duet in Hooker Red. (Well, they call it Cranberry... whatever) It's Hooker Red. Since the set, plus the pedestals, plus the 5 yr plan cost more than the cash we had, we opened a Sears Charge account. 12 months, no interest.

Sonny got his feet trimmed and his former owner had told me that he can get gimpy if trimmed a little short, and having just gone through a similar ordeal with Jazzy (though she wasn't trimmed real short), the farrier left him a little long. He still gimps across the gravel, but once on the sand, he was fine. Seth said that he though Sonny had pretty good feet for being over on the West side of the state. That doesn't surprise me because he'd been very well cared for. That much is readily obvious.

We got the oil changed in the truck and the car. Newsworthy...I know.

We sprayed another clover kill treatment on the pasture. We want it DEAD!!! So the poor starving Thoroughbreds are locked off the pasture and are none too happy about it. Kaci and Lucy stand at the gates and send a grouch my way every time I step outside.

Bullwinkle is lame in the right front. Not sure what that is about. I figure when I raised the roll-up door (which is in his stall) he lost his little pea brain and perhaps stepped on himself or tweaked his ankle. I'll be watching him to make sure he gets over it quickly.

The puppy tried to shred my carpet. Actually, not the carpet, but the pad underneath. And he succeeded. See below. Mike wanted to kill him, but you know, it's all talk. He didn't even spank him. So that sent us out looking. Mike wants hardwood, which will be lovely, expensive, and make the front room echo horribly! But that's what he wanted. At least he took me along to pick it out. I chose a rich light brown chocolate Hickory, hand-shaved and distressed. Cost to BUY = >$5,000. So we'll be living with shredded carpet for a while longer.

My friend Mindy (Shyanna's mom) is FINALLY moving back from Idaho! She should be back in two weeks. YEA!!! The only bad side..."squatters" have been living in the house that she's moving into for two years. They're an older couple, supposedly on disability, and are "friends" with the father of one of Mindy's other friends. (Yeah, I know! Like she needs any other friend than me!!) This couple lived in the house for two weeks with no utilities - if that tells you anything. So Mindy isn't sure what the condition of the house inside is like. The outside needs a TON of work, but water, weed killer, a lawn mower and some sweat with fix it up no problem. She just doesn't want to spend days on end cleaning up a nightmare!! Don't blame her there.

Well, that's about all I can come up with. As boring as this post sounds, it seems like I'm always busy and running my tail off, and getting nothing done. I know I do, but when I sit down to write about it, it just all seems so mundate.

Have a GREAT weekend and go out and love on your ponies!!

p.s. - I wish someone would come up with a car freshener that smelled like horse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! If I could make a car air freshener that smelled like horse I would be rich!!