Thursday, July 8, 2010

There are so few words...

I left the dogs in the house this morning, expecting Kali to come home from her friend's house, get ready for work and let the dogs out. Nope..she went straight to work. I hadn't given it much thought, then I got a text from Mike. Did I go home at lunch and let the dogs out? Ok, so two separate texts telling me that no one was home. I finished my task quickly and talk to my boss, who told me "Go." It's cool how he understands.

I was too late. I'd waited too long. I didn't know, how could I? I still feel the guilt. Something (and two texts) told me to go home. I put it off.

When I pulled in, Jinx (the Missouri Foxtrotter we ought last summer) was laying flat out on her side and her normally brilliant white coat was coated with mud. I called the vet, changed my clothes, grabbed a halter and put it on her.

The vet arrived 20 minutes later and gave her two doses of drugs, while I walked Jinx and tried to keep her from going down. She was already in shock. The massive drugs barely made her comfortable. The vet did a rectal exam and immediately found a twist. "That's not good. Not good at all. I doubt she'd survive the trip to WSU."

I handed the vet the leadrope while I hitched the trailer. A few minutes later, Jinx was gone, pain free at last, running across the Rainbow Bridge to join Honey, Joy, Heddy, Beau, and Dobbs. I'm hoping they'll wait for me there. It'll be awhile before I join them. I have more work to do.

Rest In Peace Jinx - I will miss you.

I'm posting Part 2 of Chili's story because it was already written...

Texas Chili – Part 2

Chili’s feet - The Fund has decided to keep him barefoot, assuming that his feet aren’t so brittle that they crack, split, chip and fall apart. After all, I have sand and grass – no rock. If he can handle it, barefoot he goes!

Chili’s Coat Conditiion - The hair looks dry and brittle, burnt and sun bleached. That tells me that perhaps he’s packing a parasite load. Not to worry – he was given ivermectin paste the day he got here (and he was a doll about it) and the Panacur Powerpak is ordered and on the way! While hay and deworming will help, The Fund is of the opinion that Chili is probably also playing “catch up” in the vitamin and mineral supplement department. The ordering of vitamins and minerals will take place this evening. The Fund has chosen Necessity, which will run about $34/mo. This won’t be a long term, just a short term “boost” to get him as healthy as possible.

His “nerve damage”(you can see that he holds his head funny in the picture above. Low and tipped to the left) - While race track records don’t confirm a wreck on the track, there could have easily been a wreck on the polo field, or an episode on setting back while tied. The vet has been called to come make an assessment. It’s possible that Chili may benefit from Chiropractor services – I know I always feel better after a visit. In the meantime, the vet will give his vaccinations, float his teeth (which he desperately needs), and give her opinion on the nerve thing. If she thinks he will benefit from chiro visits, they will follow.

I want to point out here that at some point the owner/trainer was told that Chili was a good euthanasia candidate. It is assumed that this was because of something that happened that perhaps caused the nerve damage. This “something” was after Chili went to his polo career or even thereafter. The owner/trainer, while agreeing to help support Chili, was concerned about the health of the horse and wondered how the heck he got to Washington. He didn’t want to throw good money after bad on a horse that should be euthanized. More information will follow after the vet visit and The Fund has time to have conversations with the owner/trainer. I have not been in contact with him.

Chili is VERY meek. When I hung his grain bucket last night, he waited until I walked away before even putting his nose anywhere near the bucket. He will walk away, hoping you’ll give up, and when you don’t he’ll stop and wait while you approach. He will drop his nose politely into the halter and either stand or follow, which ever you prefer. Another reason to give him his own secure space. No bullying. No bossiness. Just a goofy girl next door for him to talk to, and the Drama Queen, two runs over, to stick his tongue out at.

After the other night, Chili is DEFINITELY NOT a euthanasia candidate!!! He can sit and spin with the best of them and showed no soundness then nor since his little fit throwing.


OneDandyHorse said...

I'm terribly sorry about Jinx... I know how it feels to lose a horse, even the tiniest of them. Jinx is in a better place now and you'll meet up with him once we all cross the rainbow bridge... I can't wait to find all of my childhood horses and dogs too. Be brave and be proud of Jinx.

Katharine Swan said...

I'm so sorry about Jinx. There are few words on my end either. Just know I'm thinking about you.