Saturday, July 10, 2010

As the Barn Turns...

I've gotten so many messages of condolence and comfort regarding losing Jinx. THANK YOU!!

But life goes on and with as many horses as I have, sitting around and moping isn't an option. (Although I did go to bed and lay there Thursday evening starting around 6 pm)

Thankfully, I have the horses to keep my mind busy.

The farrier came this morning and worked on three horses. First was Jazzy. She's been pretty gimpy since her trim three weeks ago. This morning she could hardly walk. I was afraid that she was going through a founder episode like Angel, but the farrier said "No. I'm afraid it might be something else." He put shoes on her front feet and she was INSTANTLY 200% better! I'm sure she has some inflammation that is keeping her from moving sound, but it was enough of an improvement to make the farrier say "Wow!" So we have come to a final decision... the mare will ALWAYS have shoes in front. PERIOD!

Second was Texas Chili. He was long footed and sporting a seriously crappy shoe job. Seth (the farrier) said "I could talk you through it over the phone and have it turn out better than this! It's a wonder he can even stand, let alone walk." Chili was initially nervous about Lucy leaving the barn, but when he finally settled down, he was a perfect gentleman! Even at his worst, he wasn't that bad!

Third was Lucy. She played hard to get at first, but gave up easily and stood quietly. Her shoe job wasn't much better, but she looked 100 times better when he was done.

Sonny had been on the list to get trimmed, but Jazzy needing immediate attention ate up all the time Seth had slotted me for. So he'll be back next Friday morning, bright and early, to take care of Sonny.

Now, about Sonny. He'd been a stinker earlier in the week, not wanting to be caught. I had to run him around the arena for 30 minutes before he gave up and behaved himself. This morning, I went out early to put a halter on him, preparing for the worst. Little stinker stood there and let me halter him like the old pro that he really is. Apparently, he wasn't in much mood to go for a run this morning!

I had turned Shyanna out with Sonny yesterday on pasture. I didn't think that Sonny should go to being alone at his former home, to being with a couple different girls, then when his pasture buddy died, being alone again. And Shyanna is fat enough that I can feed them pretty much the same. Shyanna is normally really bossy and grouchy with other horses and during the initial introduction, I figured nothing had changed. By evening feeding, after the initial pinning of ears, they were both eating out of the same hay pile. So Shyanna has a "new home" and Sonny has ANOTHER new woman. It works!

This afternoon, I'm going to add Bullwinkle to the mix for a little "Whoopass". Let me explain - Thursday, about the time that we were done euthanizing Jinx and I was getting ready to head out, Bullwinkle did something I've never seen him do. He pushed at the tapes that cut one run into two, between him and Angel, until he was on the other side, in with her. Silly dork! So I took the tapes down and let them both out on pasture, intending to catch Angel once they settled down.

While out on pasture, Angel did the whole ear pinned and charge at BW. He swung his butt, right about the time she turned away. I actually saw the light go on in BW head. He'd gotten the idea to kick at her and she'd be submissive. It worked, because Angel was totally bluffed. BW actually did kick at her, then followed her into the run, as if to try it again.

I ran him off, put the tapes back up, and plugged in the fence - the charge for which is failing, because I should have gotten zapped, but didn't. He has left the tapes alone, but needs to be disciplined by another horse. And Shyanna is just the horse to take care of it. She won't put up with crap from ANYONE!! So the next time the little dork gets too big for his britches, they will be hanging out for an hour or so.

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