Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know broken hearts mend, but what about shattered hearts???

We lost Boomer today. The big floppy knucklehead that ended up at our house by accident and stayed to steal our hearts.

10 years ago, right after we moved into a new house, we had a problem with the kids leaving the gate open. I was ALWAYS harping on them. MAKE SURE THE GATE IS CLOSED!!!

One day about six months after we moved it, we had a yard sale. People had been in and out all day, and some had been to look at the little boat in the backyard. We were so careful to not let the dogs out.

Later that evening, we were famished, and people were still showing up, so Kali and I ran down to McDonalds. When we got to the stop sign at the entry to the neighborhood, I looked up and there was my dog, Cooter, running down the street. I pulled over, opened my door and yelled for him. He ran right to me, jumped in across my lap and hopped in the back seat of the car. I started down the road again and Kali said, "Um Mom, that's not our dog." I pulled over and looked over my shoulder and there he sat, grinning at me, but obviously NOT my dog. I took him back home anyway.

He was only 45 pounds and had a collar embedded in the skin of his neck which would require surgery, along with his "jewels". Before he died today, he weighed 90 pounds.

We named him Boomer because when he first came to live with us, he could throw it into reverse and whatever was behind him fell over and went "BOOM". We figured out how to "circle" around so he wouldn't do that. Eventually, he scarcely bother to even move out of the way. You could almost hear him say "Go around, idiot! Go around!"

From the very beginning, he was a great dog. Most recently, he played the part of babysitter to my grandson Asher, letting him do whatever he please without protest.

He never did get over the starvation mentality and was forever trolling for crumbs, food left out on the counter within reach, or diving shoulder deep into the garbage can if given half a chance. His toenails were a little long and he'd click on the tile when he walked. But if the gate that protected the cat box was left open, he could tip-toes quiet as a mouse and have himself a snack of "kitty-crunchies".

In the last six months or so, he was showing his age, although we aren't really sure what age that is. He was an adult dog when he found us. He LOOKED old. He ACTED old! He SOUNDED old. But he was still eating good and though he was slow to get up, I didn't think he was ready to go. I'd come to terms with the fact that he probably wouldn't make it to Christmas. But today came as a total surprise. He was ready, even if I wasn't.

I'm not sure what happened. A stroke, perhaps. A mild heart attack? One minute he was laying there sleeping, the next he had lost all control of bodily function. He was telling us it was time. So we let him go.

I am SO going to miss this dog of many names! Boomer, Bumba, BummaDog, DaBoddaBoom.

Rest in Peace, my sweet old man. I love you!!

Bandit's favorite past-time....riding Boomer! He was SO tolerant!

In younger years, when he could actually swim without sinking.

Again, tolerant of yet another rotten puppy, on his futon.


Cheval Noire said...

E-hugs coming to you from Australia on losing dear Boomer.

When they become such an integral part of your life, it's devastating when they leave but you gave him so much and by the sounds of it, he gave you so much more in return.

RIP and God Bless Boomer : )

Katharine Swan said...

I am so sorry Karen. Boomer sounds like a wonderful dog, and the story of him getting into your car cracked me up. He was obviously meant to be with you. My thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

Karen, once again my heart breaks for you. It sounds like Boomer was quite the dog, and that last photo really shows it. There is so much love beaming through his eyes and that doesn't just happen with an average home. I know the pain all too well and am so sorry for your loss.

OneDandyHorse said...

I feel terrible for your loss, but I think that Boomer's job was accomplished and it was time for him to go. When things like this happen (the way you found him)I always say that they are guardian angels looking after us. If he hadn't stopped your car, you just might not be here today.

Be grateful for the things he brought and nobody that has ever met him will never forget him, that's for sure. My sincere condolences and I'm sure he is still watching over.

The thing that boggles my mind is that strays don't usually run into your car when you call them... this dog was definitely for you. You saved him and you deserve all the credit for his life and I'm sure he was ever grateful.

RIP Boomer

margaret said...

Rest in peace dear Boomer. You were so loved.

Nikker said...

I am so sorry...its easy to see how much he was loved and how much he will be missed.