Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doing the Pony Shuffle

When new horses come in, I try to find the best fit for them. Who do they like living next to? Can they be turned out together? Is there a horse in the next run that they don’t like? What are their nutritional needs?

Sonny and Lucy were initially turned in together. But Sonny is an easy keeper and very “healthy”, if a little soft from not being ridden in two years. And Lucy is a typical TB and a relatively hard keeper. Personality wise, they were great together, eating from one pile of hay before moving to the other. But nutritionally, they weren’t compatible. So I decided to move Sonny to the barn. He decided that he wasn't interested in whatever it was that I wanted to do with him, so he wouldn't "be caught". So he spent 30 minutes working, which is fine. Once he decided he was done working, he was easily caught and walked quietly with me to the barn. Silly boy!

I swapped Sonny with Chili. Nutritionally speaking, Lucy and Chili are compatible, both needing the same care. And for the most part, they are compatible personality wise, getting along. But Lucy is the boss and a little pushy. And Chili needs a little more TLC than Lucy. So I will need to change their situation.

Here’s the plan. Jinx and Sonny will be turned in together in the arena. It’s a large area for them to get exercise, and they are compatible nutritionally and personality. They are both BIG well-fleshed horses with similar needs, and both are very easy going and accepting of other horses. Unless something happens where they just absolutely hate each other (which I don’t foresee), they will live together in the arena.

Angel will move back to her pen next to Bullwinkle. Her access to pasture is very limited and I can lead her out to pasture if needed. She’ll be next to Jazzy, who will also be limited on pasture time.

Lucy will move to Jinx’s run/pasture next to Kaci. Kaci is a Drama Queen and Ladies Man, so I’m sure it’ll be minutes before there is love in the air. Lucy will have her own private pasture.

Chili will go into the far run/pasture. The feed area is against the outside wall, so there will be no pressure from Lucy next door, and he’ll be able to eat in peace. He will also have his own private pasture.

In other news….

Sonny and Jazzy are an "item". They've been playing kissy-face through the rail fence, and she's in heat….AGAIN!!!! She's a brazen hussy anyway, so all he'd have had to do it look at her. This changes the barn dynamics, because Jazzy is Kaci's woman (according to Kaci). I can actually see Kaci standing there pouting while Jazzy tries to cuddle with Sonny. I would pen Jazzy and Sonny together in the arena, but Kaci's little pea brain would explode and no one in the neighborhood would be able to sleep.

Sonny figured out the routine pretty quickly. I like the fact that when I turned him loose in his run, there was no drama. He greeted Bullwinkle and Jazzy with curiosity and respect, no squealing or striking. He's pretty cool with whatever is going on and has already started nickering like a starved neglected darling at feeding time…just one more voice in the chorus.

Chili update tomorrow – If I can get to it…

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