Friday, May 14, 2010

What did you do with YOUR Friday evening???

We loaded the waste-hay pile into a 20 YARD container to be hauled away. It's FULL! This is the quirky neighbor's hay pile (mostly) because she overfeeds her horses. WHATEVER! She's going to pay for the cost of the container, we use our tractor, fuel, and time. Now, I stink. Mike is already in the shower getting cleaned up. He was WAY stinkier than I am!

We over-heated the tractor once. Even though we were blowing the screen off, small particles clogged the radiator. But we let the sucker cool down and we were able to finish the job. Mostly. There is still a BUNCH of hay left. Off to get cleaned up, enjoy the pics. (New pictures of the horses tomorrow!)'s a 20 YARD container!

Mike gesturing to me to get into the container and stomp it down. Um...NO!

The new pile that Mike is starting before it gets too dark. Not really sure why he's doing this... To the far right is the manure "ramp" that Mike had to build to get into the container.

Here's what's left of the monstrous pile.

Yep - it covered all this ground.

My manure pile. Apparently Mike wants some hay mixed in.

Shyanna 3/18/10

Shyanna tonight

Congrats to Cathy and Cecil (VLC) Rumor has it he is doing VERY WELL at the horse show this weekend!


Nikker said...

Wow! Thats a lot of waste and work! Shame on her! I bet that it feels good to have that mostly gone!
Can't wait to see the rest of the horses update photos! ( :

Karen V said...

She feeds CONSTANTLY! Her horses pick through the alfalfa for the leaves and eat the stems. She doesn't believe they should have to clean it up... My horses wouldn't be able to walk if I fed like she did.

To be fair, there is some shavings from her horse trailer,yard waste and grass clippings, and some flakes that were moldy... but mostly wasted hay from the last year.