Monday, May 3, 2010


I took some time today, while listening to the dogs snore and fart, to look back over some of the pictures I've posted here. The horses are almost always looking at me or walking up on me. I remember what a pain it is to get good body shots because they either won't cooperate or are endlessly turning. They're all shameless beggers!

If you look at the last few posts of Why Not Nikker (link to the right) you will see some very cool action photos of her critters at her ranch. I can NEVER get pictures like that. My dorky furbabies just don't do anything!

Except beg for pets and cookies. So does that mean I'm a good horse mom, or just good at spoiling them??

In other news...there really isn't any other news. Mike comes home tomorrow evening. The wind is HOWLING - so much so that the broom is safely tucked away in the closet. There's no drama or excitement going on.

Oh yeah...excitement...guess, I'll go take a nap. That's exciting, right??


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Nikker said...

Thank you for the mention! ( :
I get my action shots because I usually set them up! ( : I shut the gang out of one pasture for a few days, then I have Chad come with me and open the gate after I am on the otherside! The horses have no other option than to run by me!