Friday, May 7, 2010

Dis N Dat

I went with Mike to Walla Walla yesterday to the VA Hospital. He needed a follow-up chest x-ray. He got a lung fungus while he was in Iraq and they are still watching it to make sure that the "spot" is just scar tissue. He goes every six months. No biggie! While we were there, he went to the sleep lab and had them check his CPAP machine. It's about 8 years old and was starting to whine, so they gave him a new machine and all the parts!

This machine has a chip that will track his apnea events. It also has a multi-level pressure pump so it isn't on full power 100% of the time. It's actually pretty cool!

After we were done, we met Sue for lunch at a sushi joint downtown. It was good to see her, if only for a half hour or so. She is coming to the barrel race here in town on Saturday, so I'll see her then too.

And since we were down that way, we stopped off at the training facility to see Miss Millie the Fillie. When we pulled up, there was a little sorrel tied to the wall of the round pen. Since I was driving, I glanced at the horse and said, "That looks like Millie right there." As we drove by to park, Mike said, "That Millie has a weiner." OH! Um...not Millie.

Millie was in the round pen tied to the highline. She was very vocal and happy to see a human. The walls of the pen are high and she would have to stand on her hind legs to see over the top, which Tara tells me she does. I went in and said hello, brushed her with the curry comb, and noticed that her mane needs brushed. Tara didn't have a brush handy, so I left it for the time being.

Tara told me that she had planned to saddle Millie that afternoon. I haven't heard if that actually happened or not. I'd have thought that she'd have done it before now, since Millie has been there two weeks, but the weather last week was so horrible, Tara didn't do anything with ANY of the horses. Wind, thunderstorms, and rain put a damper on everything, except for a visit from the dentist. Millie got her wolf teeth pulled and had some of the sharp points filed off. Tara said that she would only charge me for board, not for training, because of the lost time. She keeps a log of the actual time she spends working only with the horse. Round pen time doesn't really count toward "training" time.

Despite going through the "trama" of training, Millie has blossomed. Getting her teeth done helped a TON! I'm hoping that training will start in earnest this week. Tara said that Millie is friendly and smart, but spoiled, pushy and HOT, so she's taking is slow with her. She said that Millie is so smart, that if she does one thing wrong or if Millie has a bad experience, Millie will remember it for a long time and she'll be having to undo what was done. Makes sense to me.

On Wednesday, I had a 2nd interview for a job that I really want. The hiring manager told me that I was the leading candidate. Cross your fingers that I hear something POSITIVE very soon! Cross fingers, toes, paws, hooves...the works!

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luvredponies said...

Any news on the job? Keeping my fingers crossed for you.