Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring in here!....FINALLY!!!

Not much to update...

The horses are shedding. original is that??? LOL!

Classy is shedding in huge clumps, more falling off everyday. But in places, she still holding the hair, so she looks funny. But underneath, she has a smooth shiny summer coat.

Thai, on the other hand, is molting. There's this pink naked chicken skin underneath. It looks awful! But she's eating good and pooping firm poops, so I'm adding corn oil and ground flaxseed to her supper to try to figure out the hair stuff. When her summer coat comes in, she will be the color of a new shiny penny!

Everyone got turned out this afternoon on the pasture, which looks AMAZING! We turned it under and reseeded it in Spetember 2007. The picture on my photobucket was taken 6 weeks later. I would LOVE to have a more current photo, but that costs a FORTUNE!!

Honey, of course, did the "rip and roar" up and down her side of the pasture and hurt herself. I noticed her limping heavily, but when I came in, she was grazing. If they could only understand the spoken word...I'd tell her "Go slow and take more laps so you don't hurt your ankle." *sigh* What AM I going to do with her.

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