Sunday, April 19, 2009


Friday - My Friday off. I turned the horses out on pasture and raked up the poop. Then I showered and Mike and I went to lunch at Anthony's. He'd gotten a gift certificate, so Oh Boy! free lunch! It was delicious! I got the Seafood Chop most favorite salad in the whole world. After lunch I rode with Pam, my neighbor. I rode one of her she's trying to sell. It was short and sweet and I didn't get bucked off! We went to dinner at my son's. Came home. A good day!

Saturday - Mike and I spent the day spraying weeds. For dinner, we went to Chad's house. Chad grew up with my son. A good day!

Sunday - Mike let me sleep until 8 am and fed the horses for me. We cleaned and dusted the office. Pam moved the rest of hay out of my barn. (That's actually a good arrangement. I store her winter hay for her, and she buys me two ton of hay) Anyway, I can now park my trailer in the barn. Woot! We went for another ride. This time, I rode my OWN horse - Squirrel. She hasn't been ridden since October. She was a goofy while I was trying to get on, but I remember her doing that last year too. Then she didn't want to stand and wait. But for the most part, she is a GREAT ride! She's smooth and responsible and sensible! I'm going to have SO MUCH fun with her this summer! The ride was very enjoyable, though my legs were numb by the time I got back. I am SO out of shape! Even Pam's company was great! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Pam has decided not to rent out her house. She's just going to leave it empty and her employee can stay there overnight on trips that she gets in to the Pasco airport late. (Brooke lives in Omak) So it's looking like I'll be neighbor-less through the winter. :O(

Now...I've got to go PICK UP the poop. It was still a GREAT weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is doing well!

We found a small acreage in Portland and if everything goes right, we'll be moving Casey home to our house by the beginning of July.

Karen V said...

OH BOY!!! More work for you! At least your horses will be with you!