Monday, September 8, 2008

Those lazy days....

Joy is still the herd boss and is attached to “The Girls” – Honey and Heddy. When I brought The Girls to the barn to have their feet trimmed, Joy paced and called until they were returned to the pasture. Then they all got to running around. I so love to watch horses run in the pasture. Joy doesn't really “gallop” she more like “hops” short choppy strides. She is always so sore after play time.

Honey was a living dream about getting her feet done. She stood quietly and politely, offering all four feet. Heddy, on the other hand, acted like a mule-eared donkey and actually got popped on the chest.

Dobbs, the sorrel Smooth Town gelding, is not nearly as stiff as he was the last time the farrier worked on him. He actually had so problem standing with his sore leg up to be trimmed.

Jazzy and Angel were their usual selves, but on good behavior.

Kaci drools like a Labrador at Thanksgiving! I had to laugh, but the farrier, who wore some of the slobber down the back of his neck, didn't think it was as funny as I did.

The weather remains very pleasant. It’s been in the 50s at night and lower 80s for the high in the afternoon. Joy is usually with The Girls out grazing and at nap time, they all stand under a tree in the shade. There is currently no rush to euthanize Joy since the weather is so nice. Once the frost comes though, her pain and stiffness will be much harder to manage. Until then, she is enjoying just being a horse, grazing to her hearts content, and living these last weeks in horse heaven.

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ORSunshine said...

It is good that Joy is enjoying herself. It's good to hear about happy memories being made.

My Charlie is 20. He's turned into a mouthy grump with the weather change. Seriously! He bit me! He then had to have the bars put back up on his stall window because he was biting at other people too! And last night I got a call from the boarding barn that he broke out of the pasture and decided to fight with everyone in the barn, eat everyone's hay and just be a giant jackass in the process.