Sunday, September 21, 2008

FLY!! We're free!!!!

Saturday morning we brought all the horses back to the barn so that we could fertilize the pastures.

NORMALLY...when I put a halter on Honey or Heddy and lead them somewhere, the other one follow right behind. I mean, we don't have far to go, maybe 50 feet.

Mike was taking him time, so I put the halter on Honey and let Heddy and Joy out to come along with her. It went fine for about 30 seconds.

Joy, with her limited eye sight, walked past the barn. I didn't worry, because she would realize that she was alone and turn back, right? WRONG!

Heddy followed as far as the hay stacked inside the big door, but after grabbing a bite or two, she follow Honey to the stall, right? WRONG!

Joy contiued away from the barn, and Heddy, instead of following Honey, decided to join Joy. They went over to my neighbor barn, pooped in her driveway, and started eating her hay.

I ran them out of the barn, and they trotted back to my barn, right on target! They'll go into the barn, stand outside the stall and desperately want to be let in. Right? WRONG!!!

By this time Honey is screaming and hollering and racing up and down the pasture. Not good, because if they tried to get to her, it would take them to the road. All the other horses joined in the fracas and were running and squalling too!

About the time the mare rounded the house for the second time, Mike decided that I might need some help. We took down tapes, opened gates, and between the two of us, ran them in to one of the pastures. Then we locked them off the pasture and put them into their stalls.

We took no chances with Shyanna and Dobbs, put halters on them both and Mike helped me lead them into the barn.

We got to work on the pastures and when we came around, there stood my neightbor with Shyanna. We'd forgotten to put the tapes back up and close the gates.


ORSunshine said...

Oh boy! Sounds like fun and excitement was had by all!

Karen V said...

All the horses maybe! Mike and I didn't have much fun! We definitely got our exercise!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Oh, so guilty. I have done this stuff too...oh I'll just lead this one and THAT one will follow. It works out fine 99% of the time and the other 1% you just go, OMG, what was I thinking?