Saturday, September 20, 2008

...and then there were seven

Kaci, my hunter/jumper rescue, has a new home with Kimberly Hogue in Yelm, Washington.

I came to own Kaci's Friend when I responded to a add for a free TB gelding. His owner had a new horse, and Kaci needed to go. He had been taken from the show barn where he'd live for almost 7 years and taken out to the owner's ranch in the middle of nowhere. This sensitive show baby had his shoes pulled and was turned out on 160 acres of tick infested sagebrush.

I picked him up on May 17 - my birthday! He was skinny, clingy, depressed, insecure, and cover in tick and old tick bites. He was a MESS!

Over the last 4 months, he's eaten his fill of grass in his very own pasture, next to his favorite mare. He's gained weight and confidence. He's healed mentally and physically. He now needed to go back to work. But I am not the person to put him to work. His training, and my style of riding, didn't match and never would.

He need a kid to teach. I told Cathy, who told Shelley, who knew that Kimberly was looking for a horse to show and jump. After weeks of e-mails, phone calls and questions, I decided that Kimberly would be a good fit.

So yesterday, we loaded Kaci and drove to Yelm. He was a complete gentleman, calm and "old pro". Kimberly fell in love with him. I left with a little bit of money, to cover my gas, and a sad but quiet heart. I'd gotten attached to this "tossed away" horse and had nursed him back to health. It's now up to Kimberly to put him back to work. He will be well cared for in his new home and I anxiously await photos of Kaci and Kimberly.

The Herd

We brought the other horses back home to the barn today. Honey and Heddy are sharing a stall/run. Joy is in the small pen at the back of the barn, sheltered from the wind. Dobbs and Shyanna are side by side, in their own stalls.

The countdown to good-bye for Joy continues.


ORSunshine said...

I am glad Kaci got a lovely home. We sent my Charlie back to his previous owner as he was miserable without her. And we discovered he was a biter. Me, my family, barn hands, barn owners, kids... We tried hard to make it work, but his behavior was rapidly deteriorating and the decision was what was best for everyone involved. I don't believe his previous owner really wanted to sell him anyways. She emailed almost constantly asking about him. So, this was for the best.

Now, I am hoping that either you or Cathy or someone can help me find the right horse. I'm so tempted to buy back my Very Tall Arab, but he is young, not started under saddle and a little too much horse for me.

Ideally, I'd like to do dressage, a little trail riding and whatever else catches my fancy. I haven't settled on a discipline for sure yet. I'm fairly tall with long legs, so over 15hh is also best for me. If you happen to hear of a good candidate, please let me know. Oh, and unlike Charlie, said candidate must not think children are good with ketchup!

How is Joy taking the change in the weather?

Karen V said...

Joy is a little stiff. I'll write about her and Heddy's little "adventure" tomorrow.

I've actually have three "candidates" here at the ranch, but to be honest, they all have "holes" in them. They're all sound with varying degrees of basic training.

Heddy - 6 yrs old, broke for the track as a 2 yr old, but never races. Bred at 4 and 5. NO CLUE as to whether or not she's had any further training. I'm guessing not. She still looks like crap after the baby nearly sucked her dry.

Jazzy - 7 yr old, 16 hand pure QH, but not registered. Bred as a 4 yr old (stupid horse trader that stands 3 studs), we put 30 days WP training on her. She's my husband's horse and she just hasn't been ridden enough to be SOLID under saddle. Consistent riding is the key to this one - she can be a little unpredictable under saddle.

Shyanna - Reg Paint mare, 9 yrs old, 15 hands (maybe), petite, Arab-like body (as opposed to blocky QH type), slight dished face. Sweet, sane, sound. She came to me in July skinny with crappy feet. (I think I mentioned it in an earlier post) A nice little mare, again little or no training.

They aren't perfect, but they DO need new home. Heddy - I'll rehome with papers. Shyanna and Jazzy are for sale - $750 and $850 respectively.

ORSunshine said...

Hi Karen,

How tall is Heddy? I may be interested in her or Jazzy. My best friend of many years also trains on the side near Olympia. I've discovered I don't want to a) pick a horse all on my own without her and b) will probably send any horse I do find to her for 30-60 days anyways. I'm not in a huge hurry this time around. My husband wants me to pick with my heart and not just have some mysterious checklist all add up for me (as he says).

We spend a couple days in Prineville last week as my hubby was there for a client. I have noticed now, that I, with my arthritis, feel better in a dryer climate versus the damp, humidity we have here on the western side of the mountains. I was wondering if such a thing might make a difference for dogs and horses too. What do you think?

Oh, and Karen, please email me at ladysnowfall at gmail dot com. I'd like to discuss your 3 girls some more.


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I just heard last night that Kimmy LOVES Kaci and thinks he is the best horse ever. She's so excited to have him. I can't wait for show pictures next year!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
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Karen V said...

She must have said 50 times how wonderful he was! At one point, they were standing in the middle of their "arena", only a bareback pad that didn't really fit him and a bridle, and she "cued" him or something and from a standstill, he jumped over the invisible jump. You should have seen her smile! I got a photo the next morning of her jumping him in a western saddle. HA!

I was a little concerned because he IS out of shape. He was such a good boy! I'll find and post the picture tonight - if I can remember!