Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ah...the change in weather...

When I was out in the pasture last night, visiting the "kids", fly spray bottle in hand, I made some observations.

FLIES - they are different. These aren't the barn flies, they're the little nasty biting ones, tormenting my horses and leaving scabs on their bellies. The BEST repellent I've found so far is a marigold based all natural spray. Get 'em off and keeps 'em off. It sort of smells like candy!

Winter Fuzz - It's coming on! Their bellies are no longer sleek and smooth. They are laying on the winter jammies! And it's only September 10th! That tells me that it's going to be a cold winter. Whoopee. I have heated tubs for six horses. There are currently eight horses at my place. There will be seven through the winter. sigh..

HAY!!! - Or is it "HEY!!" The horses are all out on pasture full time, and have been for the last three weeks. Its getting to the point now though, that the grass doesn't interest them as much. If I toss a flake out in the pasture, they'll leave off the grazing and fight over the hay.

As a rule, I don't blanket my horses in winter. I have a neighbor who puts blankets on when the over night low hits 45 degrees. She DOES ride most every day in winter, but still... Her horses never have a winter coat. The ONLY time I will blanket is in January and IF someone got sweaty. But the next morning, the blanket comes off, the winter coat poofs out, and it's business as usual!

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