Monday, April 23, 2012

Turnout! Not much drama!

In the past, I have not turned Bullwinkle out with anyone else because, well, he's been a royal dick. He can't just get along, he has to put the run on whoever he's out with. Tonight, I grabbed the camera and turned him out with Ticket, Lucy, Roger, and Jazzy. I was surprised that there was a little running around, but not a lot of drama. Initial Turnout
Running for freedom
"Well, Hello Lucy!"
Gotta run and junk
Gratuitous butt shot
The handsome one
Gotta run and buck this time!
Jazzy and Chili
Jazzy - Horse'n up
Ticket coming to investigate
Ticket - REALLY!??
Not snow - Angel rolled
This is how I left things
See the sticks behind Roger? It was actually a tree. He just took the leaves off for me. So thoughtful!
What's left of the tree
Roger and his best girl, Lucy
Ticket - or the part that I got. She wanted a cuddlez
Lucy(L), Roger and Ticket
Foxy - getting sprinkled...
At one point, I saw Roger putting the run on Bullwinkle. I watched for a few minutes and I saw Lucy join up and put herself between Roger and Bullwinkle. Then she cut Roger off and the chase was over. I thought that was pretty cool. I'm not sure if it was Lucy's intent, or just the way it appeared. Still pretty cool!

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