Friday, April 13, 2012


UPDATE - "Lucky" is back with his momma.

Mike and I went to breakfast this morning with my parents. On the way home, I saw something move along the highway, where two ramps split. What I saw was a starving Chihuahua. I stopped immediately and walked back. The little guy was standing under the guard rail watching traffic, but not making any attempt to cross.

As I walked up, he bolted down the hill toward a culvert and barked at me. Over the next fifteen minutes, I inched my way closer and finally got ahold of him. He cuddle right up to me and didn't try to fight or get away.

Luckily, he had a collar with tags on it. We called the number and left a message. Being Friday, we assume that his momma is at work and won't be calling back until later this evening. I am confident that she will call because he has a rabies tag from 2011 and people don't put money into dogs they're just going to toss away... do they??

In the meantime, the little dude is in a crate in the garage. He's been out to potty several times. He was starved for water, and had eaten a little canned food and some yogurt to help get things moving. AND, he is safe until his momma comes to get him.


mrscravitz said...

Poor little thing! Please keep us updated and you are so wonderful for rescuing him!

Nikker said...

That dog is so lucky that he caught your eye! Someone has to be looking for him...he has the cutest face! it!!
Crossing my fingers that his mom calls you soon!