Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A New Face

Cathy sent me a new horse Sunday. She arrived Monday at 2:00 am Here's what I know... Cathy calls her Chiquita. One of Cathy's friends calls her Ms Bananas. I'll probably call her Naners. She is SHORT, a wee tiny thing! She will kick the snot out of another horse if given half a chance, so she will get her own run and only be turned out alone. She doesn't tie. She is dead broke, clips, bathes, hauls, stands for the farrier, and is lame. She is also from Mexico and of questionable decent. Actually, there is no clue to her breeding. She gets fat on air, dirt, and mud! Oh... and she has really bad hair! Say "Hello" to Naners/Ms. Bananas/Chiquita/Squirt/Shorty. (I'm gonna call her Naners)


Anonymous said...

Can't find my login but it's Cathy.

I always wanted to use her for a blog to see if readers could tell the difference between good condition and good conformation. She has one but not the other!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Chiquita is her name but she has had a host of nicknames including Banana Pony, Mini-Mex, Meximelt, etc.

Karen V said...

That must be why she has an eating disorder.... too many names!

Nikker said...

Cathy and her red mares! (0:
There is something about this mare that is attractive to me...guess I love red too.
Can't wait to read about life with Nanners...love that name too. LOL!!

mrscravitz said...

Well I am not a red fan, but she is beautiful! I look forward to the Many adventures of Ms. Naner! LOL