Friday, April 13, 2012

The Big Spring Project

We took out about 7500 yards of gravel, moving in dirt, and planting seed. We moved the fence with the double gate back, so we ended up with a ten foot gate, which we installed on the other side of the arena. We took dirt out of the arena to backfill where the gravel was. We added a couple of sprinklers, and are re-using the mow strips that we took out.

So far, the gravel is out, the dirt and sprinklers are in, the mow strip re-installed in the front by the driveway. The dirt has had the first "float" to smooth it out. There will be more through the week, I'm sure.

The first picture below is what the place looked like in 2007, right after we replanted the pasture. We have modified the pasture since then. The second picture is really "rough" but hey, "Paint" did an ok job of creating the concept...right?