Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warming up and drying out!

Wednesday Jan 18, work sent us home early. We had a crazy blizzard going on with wind and snow and drifting snow and it piled up FAST! The next day, they said "STAY HOME!" Then we had sleet and freezing rain. By Saturday, January 21, it was 40 degrees and melting fast!

I spent 5 hours in the barn cleaning stalls, and using the hoe to create a "drain". It's actually low on the back side, but the horses poop and step there, so it builds up and won't drain. This weekend, I am going to re-route the drain so it goes under the fence and down the outside. It should be pretty easy to do because the horses haven't packed it into concrete!

It poured rain again this week, I think Tuesday, but it could have been Monday. Just to keep things soggy. Yesterday, we had a high temperature of 50 degrees, and today's high was 43 degrees with a stiff breeze. The runs are mostly dried out and headed back to being dusty except for the trough across the front of the barn (which is now poo soup) and low areas.

I have doctor appointments tomorrow - one with the chiropractor and one with the orthopaedic surgeon. I am still recovering from my falling out of the truckbed a year ago and things get out of whack every other month or so.

Right before Christmas, I did something to my right shoulder. I don't remember over-working it, pulling a muscle straining a tendon, or sustaining an injury. It's possible I hurt it by running into the doorjam in one of the rooms (which I am known to do on regular intervals) but this time I don't remember it. So I'm going to go talk to the doctor and see about ruling out something that needs repaired. I DO know it is in the tendons or ligaments on the front, leading point of my shoulder, not in the joint itself. So we'll see. The problem is, with all the feeding and chores that need done in the barn, there isn't much free time to not use it and let it heal.

I will try to remember to get before and after pictures of the barn mess on Saturday. It's supposed to be cool but clear - perfect working outside with a shovel and a tractor weather.

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