Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Stuff

December 29 it was 59 degrees. Since then, the low temperature has been right around 30 degrees. My point?? My youngsters have a "Spring Crud". Millie and Bullwinkle both developed a cough and a mild snotty nose. They were on sulfa pills for 5 days, then were switch to Uniprim - an anti-bacterial. The only coughing they do now is when the "exercise" - read "playing". They both feel better and are eating well, so they are on the mend!

The "big dogs" - Jasper and Kizzy - have taken up digging in the yard. We are sure it was Kizzy that started this new "game".

Mike is going back to school starting Monday. He will hopefully be done at the end of summer - which means he will have finished his Bachelor's degree and will graduate.