Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome Highfalutin Fox

Foxy arrived yesterday. Mike and I drove over to Carnation and picked her up.

What a NICE mare!!! OMG!! She walked right up to me, looked for the halter with her nose, and stood quietly while I latched the gate. Then she walked into the trailer without any hesitation. She rode quietly and stepped out at home as if nothing was amiss.

If you follow the Fugly blog, you probably know that she is a daughter of Barlink Macho Man. She was dumped at the Enumclaw Auction, WITH PAPERS, and rescued for $150.

Foxy is still thin and ribby, but even so, you can see she is a quality mare. I'll get some pictures when it stops raining.

I introduced her to Chili, because I think personality-wise, they are pretty compatible. The extent of the introduction drama was a nicker from Foxy. That's it!

Gotta love that!

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Nikker said...

I can't wait to see how she progresses!! I saw the Fugly posts on her and the others. Shame, shame, shame on those people!