Friday, October 22, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!! (and other stuff too...)

For once, not for me!

My friend Mindy (aka Shyanna's mom) got a new filly and we're going tomorrow to pick her up. She's cute and has been handled, and is located in Ontario, OR. Let's hope that she hops right in the trailer and we make it back before the snow hits the mountains!

Foxy Update -

Shy Miss Foxy is all settled in. She has taken to bossing Texas Chili around, though gently. He dotes on her. They remind me of an old married couple! She has also decided that she is comfortable enough to come into the stall in the back of the barn, nicker for her breakfast or dinner, and take a dump if I'm slow delivering the grub. She's put on a little weight, but her teeth are so bad that she can't really gain as much as I'd like, as quickly as I'd like. Another "road block" is that my normal "weight gain program" for horses includes food she can't have.

Other stuff

Our beautiful sunny fall weather - 35 over-night, 65 during the day - is supposed to come to a screeching halt this weekend. This morning, it was 50 degrees when I went out to feed. There were clouds, but it was warm with a light breeze. We're supposed to get wind over-night and the rain is supposed to start some time tomorrow night (hence the snow in the mountains). So, since we had a BEAUTIFUL day today, Mike decided he wanted to wait until Sat or Sun to blow out the sprinklers. Oh goody! JUST what I want to do! Stand in the cold and rain and wind! YEESH!

Now...sit down... I rode Angel today. Bareback, around the house. Yep. I did!

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mrscravitz said...

You Rode?! Angel? BAREBACK????!!!!!!
HALLELUJAH! LOL I hope on Libby and ride her bareback quite a bit. Just out in the small pen in the pasture but I do. LOVE IT!