Saturday, November 17, 2012

What I Learned...

There are some things I have learned.  I didn't learn them all today, but oh well, I'll share.

1) I have some the best friends EVER!!  Miss Barb in western Washinton sent a check to buy Cappy some hay pellets and alfalfa cubes.  Miss Candice in Minnesota send some cash to buy Cappy some Senior feed.

2)No matter how many time he has seen a tractor before, Biff thinks they eat horses.

3) Cappy crap is slippery when wet. (Since he is on pellets, his poo is more like cow patties - ALL OVER)

4) Bullwinkle, aka Big Yellow Butthead, is a big yellow butthead.  (I turned Cappy out with Bullwinkle and Chiquita and Bullwinkle kept running him off.

5) If you slip on Cappy crap, sometimes its better to just fall down, than to slip and slide and pull muscles.

6)  Biff is very kind to skinny old horses. (I ended up moving Cappy in with Biff)

7) Wet poop is heavier than dry poop.

8) If you are sore before you start picking up poop, you are going to feel like you've been beat when you are done. (I've never been beat before, but if it feels like I feel, it hurts!)

9) Hostess Ding Dongs does make you feel any better, but they taste great!

10)  If you put on insulated bib overalls, you will stay warm outside.

11) If you put on insulated bib overalls and pick up poop, even though it is only 40 degrees, it will feel like the middle of summer.

12) I'm too tired to think up anything else that might be witty so I'm going to go take a hot shower! 

Enjoy the short videos of Cappy taken today.  Christy came over yesterday and we taped him.  He now weighs 821 pounds.

You can totally see that Cappy will be amazing looking once he fills out!

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GreyDrakkon said...

Wow, he just looks so HAPPY!