Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Bullwinkle and Biff are "BUDS".  They play across the fence, run back and forth, buck, you!

I came home early because Piper, the new girl was coming tonight.  Anyway, sometime today they got carried away. Actually, BIFF got carried away. I can tell because the mess is on HIS side of the fence.  By the way - not a mark on him!

 I think THIS is what did it... someone was too close to the fence...

 Bullwinkle: "Biff did it"

 Biff:  "Is it safe yet?"

 Bullwinkle: "I didn't do it!"  (Cappy in the blanket, Chiquita looking on...)

Biff: " Is it safe?"

Biff:  "It doesn't LOOK safe..."

 Bullwinkle: " was BIFF!"  (Yes, he is as big as he looks!)

 Bullwinkle: "Tell mom that you did it!  Come on...fess up!"

Biff:  "I do'd it.  I haz a sorry"

Bullwinkle:  "Told ya!"


Nikker said...

:0) Ah, those kids! Bullwinkle is really turning into a handsome fellow! I really like him!
How is the little red Banana Horse doing anyways?

Anonymous said...

I soooo wish i had bullwinkle in my pasture to stare at everyday. Hes such a pretty boy. But him and my 3 yr old mare would always be in trouble.

Karen V said...

The red banana pony is fine. She is in the background of one of the pictures. Her "real" name is Chiquita. And she is fat and sassy and IN LOVE with Bullwinkle.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldnt be in love with bullwinkle?